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One of the most important criteria companies use to help them determine which offshore software development firm to go with is speed in execution and delivery. In today’s highly competitive business landscape, it’s not enough to just provide high quality and scalable solutions.

Customers deserve the fastest possible turnaround cycle when they contract with development team to produce new software.

At OpenXcell, we developed the Valueshore model to bring our customers fast results for all their software needs, whether they need a new branded app for mobile devices, a highly engaging game, scalable ecommerce or a cloud based web application.

Our experts know about the problems and delays that can arise when there is a flat hierarchy and no one reacts quickly enough, preventing appropriate intervention when an issue crops up.

We’ve identified two key areas where we provide superior service over the competition. By focusing on hiring only the best designers, analysts and developers, all of whom have at least five years of experience, we eliminate two major bottlenecks: slow work and unnecessary rework.

Members of our team make it a priority to work together efficiently and diligently. We map our efforts on specific project tasks and the most qualified members of the team.

We have also eliminated the errors that can occur because the wrong member of the team intervened to solve a particular software or design problem. To this end, we use agile processes, working with an intelligent hierarchy system. This enables us to always have the correct person assigned to the right task at the right time.

What this means for our customers is that they have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their software project will be developed in a timely manner, free of errors and completely tested to ensure it will meet the needs of the end users.

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