6 Ways to Boot Up Your Loyal Mobile App User Base


It’s been playing up in your mind since long now…

Am I seeing beyond the mundane?

Am I doing enough to solidify my Mobile App User Base?

Yes, as an app developer or as an app marketer that nagging thought sometimes scares the bejesus out of you. Am I doing enough? Am I pulling out all stops? Right then, you might be doing all that you can and some more to build new apps and new user bases. In fact, you may have gone on and adopted a laser-focus approach towards building a new user base.

But wait, isn’t there more to Mobile App User Base than what meets the eye?

What about Loyal Mobile App User Base? For the starters, when a user comes back to your app, again and again, s/he user falls under the Loyal App User Base category. Interestingly, it has emerged as one of the most important metrics in the app ecosystem these days. So, as an app developer, you cannot simply put this segment at the back of your mind. If you really want to make big in the app world you need to really have a tunnel-vision around them, which in turn will help you turn around those mounting churn rates. And there are no two ways about it. Pronto.  According to Localytics, the churn rate is incredibly high these days: “Across all industries, 80% of all app users churn within 90 days.”

Granted… developing an app may have cost you truckloads or trainloads, but then that doesn’t mean you can escape from this marketing gig either. Can you? App development and app marketing are wedded to each other. And, if you are really thinking about accelerating your ROI and more, loyal mobile app user base could be the golden key to a greater windfall.

Hope you get the drift?

New user base can take you only so far. But investment in maintaining a Loyal Mobile App User Base is crucial these days given that it not only helps you connect and engage with your loyal fans, but it also enhances the apps lifetime value in turn.  And on top of it, you get to propel your profits.

What is Loyal Mobile App User Base?

It’s all about bonding with users and building up a fan following for your apps. According to Fiksu, if users launch your apps 3 times or more such users are referred to as Loyal Mobile App User Base.

Why it’s so important to have Loyal Mobile App User Base?

Simple, the longer the user uses your app more money you will make out of that particular app. With users losing interest in apps at a lightening pace and then deleting the same without so much as an afterthought, it’s time the developers and app marketers introduce a paradigm shift in their marketing strategies. As in, instead of running after new apps and new users, marketers should wholeheartedly focus on holding on to their existing apps and existing customers. Simply put, app marketers should realign their strategies and focus more on app retention and engagement rates, to build loyal user bases.

How to build Loyal Mobile App User Base?

This can be partly done through the release of new content for your apps and at the same time leveraging star notifications to attract users to re-engage with your apps. And partly through building a more compelling app that automatically builds a stronger bond with the users – that is by making them feel that they are growing smarter every time they use an app and also leaving them with a sense of fulfilment. Then there’s a third angle to it as well: Cost Per Loyal User Index. The Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) Index is basically the cost incurred by a company to acquire a customer who at least opens the app three times.

 3 + Ways to Boot Up Your Loyal App User Base

1] Focus on Releasing New Content/ Updates

Offering content updates are one of the trial and tested strategies to attract loyal user base.

  • What additional features your app has launched?
  • What issues have been taken care of?
  • How does your app offer better user experience?

Content updates on appHere the PC gamer is using the update space to inform users about the latest features added to the app. This is one the best strategies to re-engage your lost app users.

2] Focus on Investing in Loyal User Base


cost per loyal user base

It’s not for nothing that app creators and marketers are investing in CPLU. Boiled down tighter CPLU means: More Investment, More Downloads, More Stickiness. The investment in CPLU is done through advertising, real-time bidding, incentivized offers and other tools. All these financial aspects come together to drive the engagement level.

Here the CPLU index displays an increase of 26 percent to $3.50, from $2.79 in January. It’s high time for app developers and marketers to develop a laser-focus approach towards developing loyal mobile app user base through CPLU.

3] Focus on Apps that Constitute the Top 200 iPhone apps

App store competitive index

The App Store Competitive Index displays the aggregate volume of downloads pulled off per day by the top 200 free iPhone apps in the U.S. Though the Index dropped to 8.5 million daily downloads, down 3 percent from January and 12 percent year-over-year.

This only means that if your app constitutes among the top 200 iPhone app, your job as an app marketer has just begun… engage the users.

4] Focus on Analytic Solutions For Right Customers

The app marketers need to take a segmented approach to finding the right customers for your apps. Your app may be popular and might as well received tens of thousands of downloads, but all users won’t be your loyal customers. So rather than focusing on acquiring more users and downloads focus should be rather on acquiring the right user base, which will help you make the most bang for the buck. You can even fall upon analytic solutions such as Flurry, Kontagent, and Apsalar to narrow down your customer base.

5] Focus on Right Ad networks and Social Media

If customers from a particular ad network are helping you build a loyal user base, focus on that ad network, and spend more money on it.

And for the customers purchasing your app through social media channels, be assured, are more inclined towards in-app purchases. So figure out ways to aggressively promote your in-app purchases through social media. You can even go for additional installs from Facebook or Twitter.

6] Focus on Predictive App Marketing

It pulls the users who are on the verge of quitting to regular users of your apps. How does that happen? Yes, it’s a rocket science. Predicative app marketing uses real-time data to bridge the gap between user expectations and the brand offerings. Simply put, it tries to put its best foot forward by offering a personalized experience to its users. By the way, predictive marketing and personalization go hand–in-hand.

Why 2017 seems to be the right time to acquiring Loyal User Base?

New apps added by category

Because app downloads are jumping. More than that, users are not only using them but also returning to them often. This is making the apps more and more “stickier.” Honestly, people are making apps an integral part of their lives. So, this definitely turns out to be incredible news for app devs, as the more engaged users are, it becomes easier to convert them into loyal and highly profitable customers.


Final thoughts:

Higher user download for your apps is all fine. But then it can lead to incredibly higher churn rates if users are abandoning the app after its first use. So, with increasing number of mobile apps crowding the app space, it becomes all the more important to encourage user retention rate and get users to return to your apps more than three times.

As we sail through 2017, personalization is no longer an optional process. Users are placed at the centre right from design phase till launch phase. Proven approach would be to push segmented notifications that can keep the users engaged. “Individualised in-app messages drove higher engagement and retention in 2016,” according to Localytics.

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This article was originally published in April 2015 but has been updated with the latest data.



Meenakshi Krishnan

Meenakshi Krishnan

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