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Android Wear App Development Services

Android Wear has attracted a number of top OEMs to develop android watches under their brand name. Some of these are Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Fossil, Tag Heuer, and many others. All of these offer a different visual feel to the users.

Watch brands have their own set of loyal users who prefer the typical dials that comes from their respective brands. And this is what makes android wear special. Every manufacturer is giving their own UI skins. While Sony gives a fresh UI, Fossil and Tag have mimicked their classic circular dial on Android Wear. The personal choice about looks and brand dominates the watch market and Android wear is giving people exactly that, digitally.

Apps for Android wear run directly on the device and can make use of its hardware and sensors. A lot of apps for Android Wear have often bundled along with the mobile app itself. Once the watch is paired with your Android Smartphone, the app will automatically start functioning and start sending notifications (if programmed to do so).

Fundamentally, the Android wear is suited best for the simplest actions for which unlocking the Smartphone every time is cumbersome.

What Type Of Apps Can You Make For Android Wear?

  • You can make apps that can push notifications and enable reply from the watch itself such as messaging apps
  • Your android wear app can allow users to take action using voice commands Example-Apps with search functionalities, Taxi apps, etc.
  • Making apps for daily mundane activities such as Taking notes or Calendar apps
  • Keep track of your distance or workout sessions. Example-Apps for fitness, running, Cycling, etc.
  • Making Music apps that sync with an Android smartphone

In other words, apps that invite frequent interaction but a low level of involvement can do great on Android Wear.

Why Hire OpenXcell for Android Wear App Development?

  • Designers with in-depth knowledge of Android wear’s ergonomics and the ability to create a  great experience irrespective of the use-case scenario
  • Deployed a number of enterprise apps for wearables
  • 8 years of development experience on Android
  • Intensive experience in Material Design
  • App development experience across industries
  • Cost-effective development
  • Pick developers and designers of your choice
  • Daily reporting on your project

If you have an app idea for Android wear or want to extend your android app into Android wear, we are here to help. Drop-in your inquiry at

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