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OpenXcell is a top Backbone.js development company in India, with a team of some of the best programmers, web designers, and app developers in the country. Our competence has been at the core of our exceptional reputation in the business, having successfully completed a variety of specialized projects ranging from constructing basic web pages to complicated cloud-based hosting platforms. We provide for richer interfaces, engaging designs, and better synchronization of your web apps.

Customized application development, Backbone.js mobile development, game development, consulting services, and more are all backbone js development services. Our developers have worked with JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, and the rich MVP framework before. We successfully create and integrate backbone js applications for all of our clients while keeping in mind their business requirements. We also provide end-to-end Backbone.js application development with easy AIP integration, lightweight solutions, powerful framework, customization, and other innovative characteristics. Our developers are experts at creating appealing Backbone.js applications that keep clients coming back.



Why Backbone.js

Why Backbone.js

Why should you choose Backbone.js?

  • Highly useful utility library
  • Event-driven communication
  • Complex UI design implementation
  • Seamless sync with backend
  • Integration & maintenance
  • Highly scalable
Backbone.js development

Backbone.js development

With highly experienced developers in MVC-based frameworks, and specialization in Backbone.js, we provide the best Backbone.js development services.

Backbone.js consultation

Backbone.js consultation

OpenXcell has expert developers who can help you in understanding and exploring Backbone.js for your business.

Backbone.js API integration

Backbone.js API integration

To improve your business solution’s flexibility, we provide seamless API integration with the RESTful JSON interfaces.

 HTML5 mobile app development

HTML5 mobile app development

Our expert developers can integrate Backbone.js to HTML5 based mobile applications and organize them.

Backbone.js web app development

Backbone.js web app development

OpenXcell has expert developers with experience in working with models, events, views, collections, routers, etc. for robust Backbone.js web app development.

Backbone.js support & maintenance

Backbone.js support & maintenance

OpenXcell has a team of techies for post-development needs, and bug resolution after deployment.

Why OpenXcell?

Make the most of a world-class team and infrastructure


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OpenXcell offered me one of their lowest estimates and really delivered.

Yuriy Oliynyk, Big and Strong, Founder

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Backbone.js Development - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

BackboneJS is used to develop client-side applications that run on web browsers. It provides an MVC framework that abstracts data into models and DOM into views, then uses events to connect the two. OpenXcell provides the best Backbone.js development services, thanks to our highly skilled MVC-based framework developers and Backbone.js expertise. Get in touch to know more.

Backbone software development is the development of single-page web applications. This keeps various parts of the web applications synchronized. Backbone is renowned for being lightweight since it  has a single JavaScript library i.e. Underscore. Js, and requires jQuery in order to use the entire library.

Backend services are used by all front-end MVC frameworks, including BackboneJS, to supply the data that becomes its model. A front-end MVC framework might employ the whole MVC pattern on the backend, receiving requests and spitting out JSON.

OpenXcell is a leading BackboneJS development business in India, with a team of some of the country’s best programmers, web designers, and app developers. You can select developers from the talent pool according to your requirements. On the other hand, our customer has entire control over the activities. Moreover, Openxcell allows you to create the hierarchy as you see fit, to deliver excellent products to the market.

The cost of hiring a backbone.js developer for a project depends on your project requirements. OpenXcell offers three hiring models, viz. hourly, monthly, and yearly. The rate starts from $18/hour on an hourly basis, $2,399/month on a monthly basis, and $18,999/year. These are the starting rates and are  subjected to increase depending upon their experience and expertise.