Web and eCommerce Support and Maintenance

We provide a wide variety of support for website maintenance, troubleshooting and website upgrade services.

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Privacy is our top priority. We will not disclose your personal information to anybody. It will strictly be used to contact you for specified purpose.

Our services comprise of an excellent website development for our clients but it sure doesn’t end there. The objective behind building a website is to keep it running on the internet and we completely understand it.

With our experience in this space we have encountered and solved almost all major issues a website can face once live and have developed an expertise in solving them as well as encountering newer challenges.

We provide a transparent pricing plan for our support services; which broadly takes care of the following issues:

  • Scaling the server as per usage
  • Monitoring CPU usage
  • Taking regular back ups
  • Fixing and debugging the server
  • Suggestions on the setup of load balancing and auto scaling

For our clients who opt for open source development tools, the major challenges they face is the issue of regular updates. In our support and maintenance program, we focus on two major points when it comes to open source development tools:

  • Platform version upgrade: We will provide total support in this regard and successfully port your website to the latest version with everything intact.
  • Plug in Upgrade: In open source platform, all the major tasks are carried on with the help of plugins. They are upgraded periodically to provide better performance. We support all the plugin upgrades and successfully attach all the upgraded versions of the plugins previously used in building the website.

By our robust development, we make our best efforts to save your website from distress, but at times, things are just beyond our control. We always stand by your side in such times and answer every challenge at offer.

Client Testimonials

"Often times we would have items come up unplanned. We would have to work through the night, and they literally worked around the clock. That’s what made OpenXcell a good partner..."

Swagata Sarangi,
Head of Marketing, Google India

"There's often language barriers and cultural differences that make it challenging. OpenXcell did a great job with that. We communicated well. They got the idea."

Stephen Anderson,
President, Netqwerk (Business Networking Startup)

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