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OpenXcell team has experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps with Dart. Being one of the leading and top-rated mobile app development companies, OpenXcell provides next-gen mobile apps using Dart programming with Flutter framework. For a productive dart development process, the OpenXcell team follows the agile methodology to fulfill client needs. Hire our Dart developers to get interactive and scalable applications developed for your business that can run seamlessly on all the devices. Our Dart developers are trained to create an app customized from scratch and help you to the final deployment and support services. Our Dart app development process is aligned with Google’s modern cross-platform development framework, Flutter’s standards. We provide industry-specific Dart application development at affordable rates by using the latest development technologies with high scalability.

In our journey, we have delivered numerous highly secure applications and solutions to clients spread across various industries, right from retail, healthcare, and banking to travel. We cater our services to all the clients irrespective of their industries. Suppose you are thinking of getting an application developed with Dart or migrating your existing app with Dart. In that case, our experts are at your service with flexible engagement models and pricing models.


Why Dart

Why Dart

Why should you choose Dart?

  • UI optimization
  • Cross-platform support
  • Productive development
  • Single codebase
  • Fast development
  • Smooth animations
Custom web app development

Custom web app development

Developing unique solutions has become a need. Our dart developers can help you find one if you're looking for custom web app development.

Cross-platform application development

Cross-platform application development

Need customized functionality for your business within your web application? You can rely on us for strong & secure web applications with versatile features.

Platform migration to Dart

Platform migration to Dart

Our dedicated dart developers can help you redevelop or migrate your existing apps to Dart seamlessly without any errors.

Enterprise app development

Enterprise app development

Our expert Dart developers have experience developing highly scalable and customized applications for large-scale enterprises with acute precision.

Dart consulting

Dart consulting

Our technical team provides you with comprehensive technical expertise and assists you in selecting the best platform for your project's goals and requirements.

Widget rich apps

Widget rich apps

OpenXcell's experienced Dart developers are well aware of the importance of widgets in mobile apps, and so they develop apps with interactive widgets.

Why OpenXcell?

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Lisa Bailey, Founder, DockHere

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Dart Development - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Dart is a programming language designed for client-side web and mobile app development. It is used with Flutter in order to build mobile applications. Dart is developed by Google and can also be used to build server and desktop applications. Cross-platform compatibility is a significant advantage of using Dart and Flutter to create apps.

Flutter framework developed for cross-platform mobile application development uses Dart programming language.  

Dart is both a type-safe compiled language and a scripting language. Features such as robust, easy to learn, backed by Google, and the support of a huge community make it one of the best programming languages. Also, it runs nearly on every platform, making it reliable for enterprise app development.

The OpenXcell team is experienced in creating cross-platform apps using Dart. We offer sector-specific Dart application development at competitive prices by utilizing the most recent development technologies with excellent scalability. OpenXcell provides flexible engagement models to hire remote Dart developers at affordable rates. Get in touch with your requirements https://www.openxcell.com/inquire-now/

The cost of hiring a Dart developer with OpenXcell depends on your project requirements. We offer three different hiring models, i.e., hourly, monthly, and yearly. The rate starts from $18/hour on an hourly basis, $2,399/month on a monthly basis, and $18,999/year.