What Are Rapid Mobile App Development Platforms and How Do They Work?


Are your app development plans on tenterhooks? Simply because you don’t have the required money and time at hands…

Right then… heave a sigh of relief!  With RMAD (rapid mobile app development) platforms, app development and deployment would literally be a piece of cake.  In fact, you could have an app in your hand in next to no time, thanks to these low-code RMAD platforms.

How do they do it? By sweating bucket loads? Or simply by working their fingers to the bones?

Of course, not.  Attempting either of these things seem well below them. In fact, employing elbow grease seems to be an old-fashioned formula for them. On the contrary, RMAD developers, and non-developers including, make use of already available resources (read: codes) to design your apps.

RMAD providers? Yes, its stands for Rapid Mobile App Development providers who help you develop enterprise apps at break-neck speed. And how do they do it? Simple: By using low-codes and no codes. And the best part is that both developers and even your in-house business analyst or even your IT personnel can chip in to develop your app as RMAD platforms do not demand an understanding of codes.

RMAD platforms

Leveraging low-codes and no codes, RAMD providers are developing apps in a jiffy

Advantages of RMAD Platforms

  • Amplifies Visibility
  • Custom Apps
  • Quick and Easy
  • Interactive
  • Zero code / low code

The Burgeoning Need for New Mobile Enterprise Apps Boosting RMAD Platforms

RMAD is not just an acronym in mobile app development strategy, it is an absolute necessity, says Gartner in a recent report. The mounting like for enterprise apps by organizations of every shape and size is fueling the growth of rapid mobile app development platforms. And there are a good number of reasons why the need for mobile enterprise apps are mounting day in and day out. Firstly, for most organizations it helps fast track their revenues. Secondly, over half of the organizations use it to enhance the experience of their existing apps. Thirdly, it adds to the productivity of the employees.

Other additional benefits include building brand awareness, enhancing employee productivity, targeting new geographies and demographics and much, much more.

Rapid Mobile App Development Platforms: An Antidote For Mobile App Development Backlog

Given that the demand for enterprise apps is going uphill while the talent to develop the same is going downhill, the need for Rapid Mobile App Development platforms is greater than ever. According to a research sponsored by Outsystems, no fewer than 85% of the organizations are suffering from something called: Mobile App Development backlog. That is, about 85% of the organizations have in between 1 and 20 apps at the incubation stage, with half of the organizations suffering from a backlog of 10 to 20 apps.

The industry reasons this backlog as skill shortage and budgetary constraints. In other words, the industry doesn’t have enough consummate developers who’d deliver quality apps at a good speed. Plus, app development prices are climbing.

Enter RMAD providers. And organizations find a handy app solution in them.

Points to ponder before jumping onto RMAD bandwagon

  • Check out, and if possible, study all types of rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools available and then go for the one that complements your organizational needs.
  • Do some background check of the companies you are going to engage with for RMAD. Plus, have an exit strategy ready for every vendor.
  • Focus on areas such as back-end integrations, user interface and device support. Check out whether cloud services such as Twitter, Linkedin, Twillio, Zendesk, Facebook and more are inbuilt.

Now Are RMAD platforms worth your time, effort and money?

Yes, it’s has always been playing up at the back of your mind…whether the app developed through the RMAD medium will do justice to your requirements. Isn’t it just blatant copy-paste of available codes and all? Of course, it is. So it’s for you to decide… whether you want an app that’s tailor-made for your requirements, and works as per your needs, or the one that does basic things and adds to your headache and heartache later on.


Final Thoughts:

Yes, I am taking a complete U-turn here. Because personally, I don’t reckon these apps are that great as they are made out to be sometimes. Customized apps have been the flavor of all seasons for good reasons. If you really wish for better app performance, I would always recommend customized apps. Agreed, app development companies take time to develop customized apps, even 3 to 12 months sometimes, but on hindsight, don’t you think the time and effort they invest helps organizations squeeze the app for all its worth.

Customized apps will never for once put your organization on the back foot in terms of competitiveness. Take our word for it.

OpenXcell is a market leader in app development and app marketing. So, if in case you are pursuing any serious app development or marketing plans for your organization, OpenXcell will be happy to help. We have the experience and wherewithal to make your app a grand success. Go ahead and map the right route for your app development strategy with our experts.

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Meenakshi Krishnan

Meenakshi Krishnan

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