Wholesale B2B Commerce Management

Our wholesale B2B Ecommerce solution will allow wholesalers to manage product catalog, invite B2B clients to place orders online, & track orders in real-time.


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Common problems of wholesalers:

  • Inefficiency due to reliance on paper catalogs and heavy booklets
  • Inability to offer e-commerce-like (shopping cart) interface to B2B customers
  • Lost business opportunities as a result of untapped online presence
  • Limited number of payment options
  • Lack of anytime, anyplace access of products

With the increase in digital platforms and marketplaces, changes that affect the B2C (Business-to-customer) world are starting to have an impact on the B2B (Business-to-business) world as well. This new wave of changes includes the acceptance of web-based tools, mobile apps, personalization, and much more.

OpenXcell develops customized cloud-based B2B ecommerce software that allow wholesalers to offer a seamless front-end platform to buyers for searching available products and placing orders.

Wholesale B2B ecommerce software solution highlights:

  • E-commerce-like interface to sell products in bulk
  • Maintain an entire ecosystem of suppliers, customers, and relevant partners.
  • Manage product catalog, easy sync of products from third-party channels, manage inventory, payment terms.
  • Branded invoices for better personalization
  • Customized front-end themes to rebrand your wholesale platform
  • Manage customer profiles
  • Role-based dashboards and user permissions

With solutions offered by OpenXcell, wholesalers can centralize customer communication and transactions across different channels, locations, and brands, making it simple for business customers to search for products, place orders, and track their shipments.

OpenXcell experts have experience of building flexible and scalable solutions with which you can create a holistic experience, bring down operational costs, reduce manual errors, and enhance customer relationships in a cost-effective fashion.

To get more details on our wholesale B2B management solutions, get in touch with our experts today.

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