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Own your team

 As the product grows and business increases, every owner/entrepreneur tries to bring the outsourced team under their ownership as it gives them a lot of flexibility and security when they decide to scale up their business. When it comes to fundraising & company valuation, ownership of assets and people also play a significant role. 

One of the major drawbacks of the traditional offshoring model is the lack of ownership & transfer of assets, as the engagement ends. We, at OpenXcell, understand the risk and challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs and we come up with the flexible engagement model – BOT, where clients have the choice and option to buy out the team whenever they want.






Benefits of owning your offshore team

No need to start from scratch

When it comes to starting a team of your own, there are many processes that entail, like - hiring, recruitment, training and onboarding to create a full-fledged team. However with our BOT model, clients can directly buy out the team so they don’t have to start from scratch.

Intact product knowledge and people

Bringing new talent comes with a lot of onboarding & product training, but with the buying option, you have a chance to onboard the same team who have been a part of your entire product development cycle, this gives you ease and freedom to scale up easily.

Sense of ownership & security

Ownership gives freedom and choice to clients to build and scale their team as per their needs and defined roadmap. It also imparts security as they have to continue working with the same team who have been part of your entire product development cycle which gives freedom to scale the business easily.

Cost effective and easy to scale

Since you are not starting from scratch, and as you take over the team, you are just paying their salary, you are saving a lot of money which in terms help you to quickly scale up and ramp-up your team with limited budget.


Why should you own Openxcell’s team?

img-fact 12+ years of experience
img-fact 700+ customers
img-fact 500+ qualified resources
img-fact ISO 9001:2008 Certified
img-fact CMMI level 3 company
img-fact Transparent cost
img-fact State-of-the-art facilities
img-fact Quick product delivery
img-fact Team ownership


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