Scale up fast with offshore team

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Scale up fast with offshore team

Businesses seeking to grow quickly can resort to offshoring as it is one of the quickest ways to scale up the product & the business. With the technological advancements in every sphere, it has become essential for businesses to match up to the cut-throat competition and update themselves as quickly as possible. To conquer the market, scaling up has thus become a necessity for every business. Though it is hard for start-ups to make that jump, scaling up is one of the best ways to make your organization more productive as it collates the expertise of multiple resources to give a better outcome.

Moreover, the expansion also helps delegation of umpteen tasks in a company to a diversified workforce which eventually lets the business owners focus on core operations while a separate unit handles the product development. Thus, you get an added advantage to leverage the global talent and scale as and when needed as per the project requirements. 


Simple process to engage with us

Our engagement process includes only 3 steps: Connect, Discuss & Engage. It starts with a consultation call with our experts and once the requirements are understood, scope of the project and headcount is defined. Once the planning is completed, required profiles are onboarded, trained and the development starts. As soon as the development completes, the project is made live. Later, the support and maintenance is taken up by the team. So all you have to do is a phone call to connect with us.

Readily available pool of 400+ profiles

Our inhouse bandwidth of 400+ resources gives ample options to the client to choose from and you also get experienced professionals with domain knowledge which fastens up the process of team creation. Thus, to scale up quickly, you don't need to look anywhere else. Openxcell has enough in-house profiles which are readily available for quick team expansion. Along with the inhouse pool, our Resource Planning Team (RPT) also maintains the pool of external resources who can be onboarded on immediate basis as per the requirements.

One stop shop for all the skilled resources

When it comes to scaling, it’s not just the resources count, but the skillset availability is also very important. We maintain a pool of all different technology skill-sets including Java, Android, iOS, React Js, Angular, Node Js, etc. which a company may require to quickly scale up their product development. You can consider it as a one stop shop for procuring all different technological skill-set.

Intensive local branding and quick recruitment

Openxcell ensures quick recruitment and onboarding of resources through local branding which involves reaching out to the top universities and colleges to hunt the best talent in the market. We also conduct technical hackathons to identify the qualified resources which helps us bring the best expertise available in the market onboard and enables us to scale your team fast.

Regular monitoring and team checks

To ensure we always provide the best team for any job role to the client, our in-house team conducts audits and maintains regular checks of performance of each and every resource. This helps in maintaining a track of which resources need training and which ones are already qualified for the job role. We also maintain a pool of external resources that makes it easier for us to pick up any job profile quickly to scale up the client’s offshore team. Regular activities of the dedicated team are mapped and analysed for maximum efficiency and productivity checks.

Team fine tuning and suggestions

Openxcell ensures transparency in business processes and whatever project we take up, we ensure our clients get the required resources as per the need and not out of compulsion. We ensure that the project is handled with an apt number of resources and is scaled up when there are additional requirements. Infact, we also advise our clients to scale the team down and cut the cost if the stint of a particular resource is complete. This way we save cost and scale your team smartly and strategically.


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