Why Offshoring to India?

India has the best IT talent and offers low development cost making it the best destination to offshore your project. 100% Confidential and Secure
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Why India?

Technology has grabbed the world with its unprecedented effectiveness to ease out the tasks in almost every industry. However, in developed countries, though the technology has advanced tremendously, the dearth of tech professionals and high labor cost has impaired most startups and medium scale businesses. This is the main reason offshoring has constantly been flourishing. Offshoring the work helps your business execute projects faster and gives you the freedom from recruitment and setting up the team.

Talking about offshoring countries, it has been over a decade now that India has become one of the preferred offshoring centers because of the availability of high-qualified professionals, easily available workforce, culturally fit resources, and one of the best service provider countries in the world. Since it influences Western culture and 70% of the Indians speak English, not to mention low labor cost, most American businesses prefer Indians over any other people in the world when it comes to software development.



How do you save cost and time with Offshoring?

60% of IT companies are service providers

In offshore models, professionals are usually quite experienced and may not even need training to get on board. Besides, offshoring gives access to a wider pool of talent overseas which brings creativity and new perspectives onboard.

Massive pool of IT talent

India produces almost 1.4 million engineers every year and has innumerable IT professionals with good industry experience. With this large a number the opportunity to get varied IT skills increases 10 times which is favorable for businesses.

Time zone benefit

India falls in the mid-longitudes which makes it easier to provide support to the west that follow sun rule as well as to other countries in the east. The business counterparts working with India can save huge cost and time due to easy operations and constant support.

Dedicated work hours

Indian employees work committedly for more than 8 hours a day and for 5-6 days a week. This reduces the product delivery time and enhances the speed of the work than usual.

Tax benefits due to government policies

‘IT acts 2000’ has brought recognition to India for being one of the prominent investment countries across the globe. The Indian government provides tax breaks and many other benefits that intensify cyber security.

Culturally fit talent

India being one of the biggest English speaking nations in the world doesn’t face any communication barrier with other countries. Moreover, the work culture is quite similar to US and Europe which makes things easy for our overseas clients.

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Most Preferable Offshoring Countries in the World

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