3D Movement

The app lets user to create shapes, huddles, share shapes between users.


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The app lets user to create shapes, huddles, share shapes between users. It is basically a religious/devotional app targeted for users who wish to follow their daily devotions and grow their faith in an interactive manner. The app let user to create various shapes from pre-defined shapes section, where every shape depicts its meaning. The app provides its user the ability to freely draw on white board and let the faith flow in his drawings. The app has three sections, viz. Toolkit—Follow—My Huddle. Toolkit allows the user to view different shapes and their meanings along with drawing sketches using whiteboard. Follow allows user to view different faith related content that has been released by spiritual personalities which contains audio speech by them, events and more. Within My Huddle segment, users can create groups and thereby group chat with fellow users. They can also share shapes, whiteboards and more in My Huddle.


3DM exhibits features and tools in an understandable and simplistic manner. The responsive User Interface is made fascinating and interactive, allowing the users to engage with Life shape, C+K triangle and utilizing the whiteboard. Within the app, users can avail any information at any time considering 3DM. It may be devotional recordings, daily devotional reading, blogs, glossary and much more. Also, the app displays a custom interface, that simply enables user to access multiple categories from a single screen.


3DM is a Devotional Productivity App developed by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. The application puts the essential 3DM tools at the users’ fingertips to allow them to avail at any given time. The app offers comprehensive resources considering devotional resources along with interactive features that take the engagement factor to the next level. 3DM is a product of 3D Ministries.


Making the shapes Zoom-in and rotating

We were required to create a mechanism which rotates the shape without breaking the pixels.

Create a single Gallery having multiple options to switch between categories

In the event section we were required to create a UI which enables user to access different categories while being on the same screen.

In order to delete a participant from a huddle, we needed to integrate swiping effect

We were told to implement a swiping effect to delete an item from the list

Group Chat feature enabling group members to chat in real time

We had to make a mechanism where the group thus created can have a real time chat environment.

Creating a Whiteboard enabling user to draw anything

Scribbling on a blank page is what we were told to make which enables user to draw anything with his hand gestures and can also erase.


In order to make the shapes zoom-in and rotate, we optimised the shape image which let the image animation working smooth without the pixels getting blurred.

In the events section of Follow feature, we were required to build an interface containing different categories on top as a horizontal scroll. We made a custom interface enabling user to access multiple categories from one screen.

To swipe to delete was something new in android as it doesn’t have inbuilt function for this. So our team made a custom function enabling this feature to work.

Group chat feature wasn’t an issue but what struck us was the real time chat. Our team made a thorough R&D on GCM and finally came up with the solution which enabled real time chat.

Integrating whiteboard into the app was challenging as we need to record every hand gesture of the user. So we integrated various custom features like: Image zoom, translate, rotate feature, Draw pen size, colour, Colour picker to make custom color, share image to friends, custom layer integration to edit layers, etc

Results Obtained

The application received a good response. It enabled people of same faith and religious views to learn and grow their faith in an interactive manner. Group creation which is known as huddle in the application let users to create a group and share their views by real time chat, share objects which has a meaning and enlightening the other members of the group, taking the communication between the users to the next level.

What's Our Client says!
It has been my great pleasure to work with OpenXcell team on our first app that our company has made. Since the beginning they have been kind and understandable that we did not know how our vision of the app was going to look like we changed it at least 20 times and every step of the way they were there for advice and Worked Tirelessly. I would recommend OpenXcell team to anyone
Anthony Davila