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GlobalFit Anywhere is the best fitness apps for iPhone & Android that can connect users to studios, gyms, and trainers at the best possible price anywhere d ...


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Rome was not built in a day, but they worked every single day on it. Similarly, if you wish to be fit, then you need to plan every single day to reach your fitness goal and to step up your game. The rule is to never miss out a day even while traveling. But, quite often, irrespective of planning, you end up taking two steps forward and sometimes one step backward due to not getting a right gym within your location, not finding a good trainer to relate to or sometimes landing up in a crappy gym. If you can relate to such stress-inducing experience, then do not worry. GlobalFit Anywhere: Best Fitness Apps for iPhone & Android is here to help you to optimize your fitness regime anywhere.

GlobalFit Anywhere is the best fitness apps for iPhone & Android that can connect users to studios, gyms, and trainers at the best possible price anywhere depending upon your geolocation. Plan and pay for your fitness and training as you go with no membership or annual fees. The app promises to offer a contemporary and flexible fitness benefit across multiple brands while on the go.


A healthy population is likely to have 30 percent lower medical costs later in life than those who are not physically fit. One such believer is GlobalFit, a company founded in Philadelphia and specialising in building network of gyms. GlobalFit is well known to deliver wellness solutions for employers and insurers worldwide. Developed by OpenXcell, GlobalFit Anywhere is a solution offered by GlobalFit. Through this solution, the company now enables its users to frame a customized workout through this app. Everything will work if you are willing to work out! After all, it is not about being a health nut, it is about being a person with a knowledge of well being too. GlobalFit app is likely to go live from 1st November 2018. Get it on Google Play and App Store.


1) Payment and Security Issues (Purchases)

Processing credit card payments for all the purchases made for classes, training sessions and gym day passes involved huge data management, privacy and security. Also, to adjust the minimum discounted price (which included the standard offer without any price drop) and maximum discounted price (which involved the lowest price) while the payment is made was a bit complicated. Additionally, adjustments and rebalances like sessions canceled before the penalty period, no shows etc also had to be considered during any purchase.

2) Automated Receipts

Issuing physical receipts, checking them manually, uploading files and managing disorganized data and fixing them can be tedious.

3) Dynamic Pricing Algorithm

Another major challenge was to tackle the nuances involved in pricing and to make the pricing system more transparent. Manually plotting the pricing and making changes looked inefficient.

4) Control Access to Discounts and Promotions

One of the major issues was to control the access to discounts for all GlobalFit Anywhere users.

5) Partner Payouts

Yet another challenge for the development team was to enable the customized payment structure where registered partners will be paid twice a month – on the 1st and the 16th of every month. It was challenging as it involved moving money between the platform and it's registered partners which turned out to be a bit confusing and conceptually a different way of funds flowing.



  • To ease the compliance burdens and to process the payments effortlessly, the team decided to integrate the app with Stripe.
  • To ease this, the team at OpenXcell decided to integrate Stripe Connect. With the integration of Stripe, the app was able to generate automated receipts. Such a facility helps skip hours of such operational overhead by enhancing payout accuracy and eventually zeroing down the human error.
  • By implementing machine learning algorithms, the team was able to refine the pricing model. The algorithm is used to analyze the supply, demand, timing, geolocation, sessions etc. With such an insight, the app automatically rebalances the best possible price. This way, the company is able to automate task and decision making to boost user satisfaction.
  • To create quick and easy discount deliveries, the team started working on the potential possibilities based on the client code. The best possible way to achieve this was to allocate every eligible employee a unique client code which they must use while creating an account on the app. Once their account is verified via email, they are allowed to search available inventory, view providers and buy easily and gain access to discounts, promotions etc.
  • With Stripe Connect integration, this was possible. The team decided to set manual payout option in the stripe and then setup cron job (a time-based job scheduler) on specified dates to calculate payout to all providers. GlobalfitAnywhere’s integration with Connect Payouts eventually led to fasten up the entire payouts process with the specified 2 schedules - on the 1st and the 16th of every month automatically.  

Functions and Features

  • GlobalFit Anywhere App is designed aesthetically that lets you to simply request access and mention your employer or insurer. The app is structured well as it allows users to take complete advantage of every meaningful facility offered by the providers.
  • The app’s dynamic pricing algorithm is one of its unique features that quickly analyze all participating providers on board and your demand and rebalances prices to give you the best possible price.
  • With no signup or monthly fees, no crazy cancellations, and no membership, users get access to subsidies and reimbursement for the purchase of classes, day passes, and personal training sessions offered by the registered employers and health plan partners. Other advantages include access to discounts and the elimination of additional fees and cancellation fees.
  • Customize your fitness regime based on your location, age, weight, goal with the choice of your trainer, gym and studio. 

Results Obtained

  • Easy payment via Stripe Connect
  • Automated account set-up via an email link
  • Automated receipts
  • Integration with calendar
  • Push notifications or message toasters for every booking right on the phone
  • Easy inventory
  • Dynamic pricing algorithm
  • Administrative portal

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else...its being better than you used to be, “says a famous quote. So, to master this art, download the GlobalFitAnywhere app and gain access to book a gym, a trainer and utilize a variety of exercise options that are just right for you.