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With Orderhive being an automated data exchange connector between Medico’s online store and its 3PL system, everything from inventory to order fulfillment ...


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Medico beauty was founded by Constance Campion, a pioneer in Medical Aesthetic and by a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Aysha Awwad. Together they share the wisdom of aesthetic treatments by providing the most sophisticated skin products, and consultations to avoid & cure any kind of skin disorder.

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Constance and Aysha use an award-winning tactics to formulate the most sophisticated blend of botanicals that are purified using the process of chiral correction. The formulation was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2002, Since the 1960’s, the American Federal Drug Agency (FDA) have mandated that all drugs be chiral.

Getting the right consultation for your skin

Medico Beauty-certified aestheticians are empowered with proper product knowledge to be the most effective skin care therapists. Their in-depth training place emphasis on targeting and treating the root cause of skin decline, and correcting unhealthy skin from within.

Glimpse about Medico Beauty – words from the medical pioneer

“We partner with brands that truly change the skin from the inside out. We source chirally correct products based on Nobel Prize winning science that produce superior results.

Our treatments and products are safe for skin of any colour. It is also safe for those suffering from medical conditions such as Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema – and they can also be successfully combined with other systems such as IPL and laser in order to enhance treatment results.”

Beauty Care Solution – With a Beautiful Shopify Site

Besides providing a beauty care solution with a responsive Shopify site that is pleasing to their end customers, Medico Beauty also invests a good amount of their time in educating their end customers about healthy habits that can keep skin disorders at bay.

“With 80% of our time taken by our core business service, we barely had any time left to manage our back-end business processes”

Shipping their products through Flight Logistics – A 3PL System

Complexity in the logistic workflow has increased due to the concept of selling products across multiple geographies and channels. Today many companies have inclined towards outsourcing their supply chain operations in order to get rid of the hassle of storing inventory, managing transportation, planning inventory and processing order fulfillment.

Bummed with these logistic complexities, Medico Beauty also decided to outsource their logistic operations to a 3PL logistic company called Flight Logistics. The main idea behind outsourcing the logistic operations was to increase revenue, improve fulfillment capability, and save resources for core business services. Flight Logistics took care of every logistic aspect for Medico beauty, right from sourcing the products from their product partners to print, pack and delivering the order to the end customers.

However, they were still missing on the necessary connectivity that allows a seamless automated data exchange between their Shopify store & third-party logistic company. Due to which they were facing a significant inefficiency in handling their daily operations.


“We faced a significant inefficiency while handling our day to day business transaction, as there was no alignment & connectivity between our Shopify store & the third party logistics provider. We were bearing high operating costs and weren’t able to deliver the orders in time.

We were in a need of flexible cloud-based solution which is easy to adapt and can be easily collaborated with our third party applications.”

That’s when Andy Millard approached Orderhive. Andy is a core member of the Medico Beauty team and apart from handling the daily business routines, he is also involved in imparting education on daily routine practices & medical products that impact the skin’s health.

Describing his current business scenario and challenges that were hammering their business growth, Andy said,

“While approaching the customers and logistic team, I came to know about a major loophole, which was not only hindering the smooth functioning of the supply chain but was also impacting customer satisfaction to a deeper level.”

Solution Provided

“We tried some software before Orderhive, but they failed to meet our needs. Orderhive provided us a complete and connected back-end environment that not only worked as an automated data exchange connector but has also advanced our supply chain management capability, and streamlined all our internal and external business processes and transactions.”

FTP Integration with their existing 3PL system

Orderhive filter and export all the sales orders imported from the Shopify store and send them automatically to their third party logistic company Flight Logistics for order fulfillment.

Orderhive synced Flight Logistics with Medico Beauty’s Shopify store via FTP integration. The entire process between receiving the order to fulfillment was automated by Orderhive, allowing them to have a real-time data exchange.

“Not only Orders, there are other aspects also that Orderhive handles for us like inventory management, order update, complete visibility across the fulfillment process and the much-needed business insights (reports) that allow us to make value-based decisions.”

The below image will help you understand the entire flow of information

 Workflow infographic


 quote icon 1We switched from using Order Harmony because the support was non-existent. The support we’ve had with Orderhive from Day 1 has been outstanding and they have continued to support us through the setup process. The app integrates with many of our existing software tools so makes the ordering process a lot more smoother. quote icon 2

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