NeuroCue is an innovative health & fitness application that provides scores of life-changing empowerment and educational information by offering one-of-its- ...


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NeuroCue is an innovative health & fitness application that provides scores of life-changing empowerment and educational information by offering one-of-its-kind sessions that consists of a stimulus. NeuroCue App is meant to allow the user to break the set patterns of the brains and make them gain varied intelligence based on a methodical set of exercises listed within the mobile application. By letting the user to undertake these result-oriented stimulus presented in the form of video, phone call, or a short paragraph to read, NeuroCue keeps empowerment and educational information in the foreground of the user’s hectic lives. The app uses targeted, bite-sized stimulus-response sessions of approximately sixty seconds, and each session is delivered in a spaced repetition sequence. The entire concept has proven to be commanding because with just 10 to 15 info-byte sessions each day, the user gets to strengthen his knowledge skills. NeuroCue, just as the name suggests, revolves around the rapidly growing field of research called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity caught the attention of the scientific community when it was discovered that the brain changes its local wiring , the details of how it’s connected, changing itself both physically and functionally by continually adapting to current circumstances, input and experiences throughout life. Hence, the app is the result of making the best use of the brain’s Neuroplasticity.


The NeuroCue app displays a seamless integration of features that supports the entire concept of re-engaging the users within the Neurocue app that will help the users to refine and reinforce brain’s circuitry, which further strengthens neural pathways that ultimately support improved emotional states, attitudes and behaviours. The systematic design pattern of the application has played a critical role in delivering a competent app that supports repetitive engagement.


The NeuroCue app, a Health & Fitness application, is a promising app developed by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. The app has brought forth an intriguing concept in the form of a video, phone call, and even a short paragraph to read that eventually helps the users to refine and reinforce their brain’s circuitry. The app allows the users to be a part of their preferred scheduled sessions of just 10 to 15 info-byte.


Integrating alert

We had to create alert for each and every day at specific time according to the user’s choice and repeat those alarms as per user’s preferred frequency.

Cancel and reschedule alarm

We required to cancel and reschedule alarm that was already set by user previously, even after the phone was shut down. At a time, user can turn on one module only from the list of modules.

Maintaining the session sequence

Sessions of module are generated as a part of the notification and all sessions should come in sequence. Sessions can be changed from backend at any time. Here, maintaining the sequence came in as a task for us.


Integrating alert was a critical feature in itself. Hence, we followed three steps for creating Alert. Firstly we selected days, secondly we selected time and last but not the least, we set the frequency for repeat alarm.

We managed to handle the most difficult part wherein the user was allowed to set alarm for ‘on’ module and cancel alarm for ‘off’ module.

For the sessions which were coming from the server side and when the user completed the sessions, we were calling web service to update the status of session as completed. After that, the server again gave us the list of incomplete session from the cms so it was always in the sequence from server side and we would store that list again.

Results Obtained

A flawlessly performing Health & Fitness application was put to work by the skilled developers of OpenXcell. Considering the unique concept of the app, wherein users were supposed to be served with scheduled sessions on everyday basis which would lead them to have improved emotional states, attitudes and behaviours, the developing team was successfully able to integrate excellent features that performed flawlessly and let the users undertake their sessions as and when they wanted to. Cancellation and rescheduling of the alarm was integrated flawlessly, making it easier for the users to make changes to their session timings as and when required. The app has been making rounds since its release and the users have been greatly benefited by the app’s groundbreaking features.