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Making Luxury affordable – Getting into Second hand Retailing

Opherty SRL offers a second-hand authentic collection of vintage products which includes bags, clothing, accessories, eye-wear from some of the most elegant & premium fashion brands like Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Personal, Prada. The products go through a rigorous evaluation process before Opherty starts offering it to their buyers.

Marco Opherty, the co-founder of OPHERTY & CIOCCI , started his journey as a sales and customer care executive. His niche experience in the film industry helped him understand fashion more closely. His mind always juggled between his stereotype job routine and implementing new business strategies, which later prompted him to start his own fashion business.

Marco was then accompanied by Carla who owned a fashion clothing store in Rome. Carla had a flair for fashion clothing, she used to buy latest fashion clothing in the morning and sell it in her showroom in Rome. Later joined by Barbara “A Vintage Expert” and Marco an I.T expert, who is responsible for maintaining the OPHERTY & CIOCCI website and responding to the customer queries.

Opherty Team Mission

We asked Marco how he unified efforts to achieve business goals?

“Our mission was very simple. It genuinely reflects who we are. We love Vintage and appreciate fashion. “Made in Italy”, as many other excellencies around the world, is struggling to survive in today’s society. We strive to keep it alive, enabling our customers to appreciate what Italians excel in.

“Selling Vintage & pre-loved items has been our dream & passion since the late ’90s.
We also offer necessary guidelines about the texture, size, color & measurement of the products, which helps buyers to make an informed decision.”

Making high-end brands available to a larger section of Society – The Fashion’s Second life

“We reach out to those customers who want to make some space in their wardrobe by selling their old vintage products. We assess the products and if it meets our quality standards, we offer them a fair price, and later sell those products on our online and retail store.

Our world of “consignment selling” online is very different from the classic roadside store; once you make a market assessment, your articles will be quickly sold. We are doing this for the last 10 years with total competence and professionalism.”

Once a buyer browses Opherty’s online store, they get access to a huge collection of Vintage products. Selling Vintage & pre-loved products was Marco’s forte. His beautiful website captured the attention of customers who love brands but consider thriftiness in spending.


Multi-channel Selling

“To adapt multi-channel selling, we had to increase our reach on online marketplaces. We selected Etsy and Ebay as selling platforms because they focus on buyers who are excited about vintage products just like we are.

Within just a few months, we managed to increase our sales. We were just amazed to see the market potential our product carries. However, we were not able to cope up with the increasing demand as we were always stuck with issues regarding our daily business processes.”

Operational Challenges – Abandoning the traditional method of managing inventory

“For any clothing store, managing inventory remains a core business operation to handle. A few years back, we had approached a vendor to develop a personalized management software which later not only proved out to be costly but even failed to meet the functional expectation.

We started off by selling just a few products – and as our number of SKUs gradually increased, the amount of admin time spent on it increased alongside it…until stock management became our biggest headache.”

When asked about the major pitfalls they experienced while using their past system?

  • The absence of a centralized system to manage & track the transactions across the selling channels, warehouse and the shipping company.
  • Inability to accurately forecast demand – Infrequent check on inventory levels across multiple channels.
  • Inefficient warehouse management system
  • Lack of data accuracy throughout the purchase order & sales order process – No real time tracking of inwards & outward goods.
  • Weak order processing system.

“Staggered by these major loopholes in our daily business processes, we started looking for a cloud-based solution which has the right inbuilt features & functionality that can overcome our daily business challenges.”

He further added, “Orderhive enabled seamless integration between our front-end and back-end processes which improved our operational efficiency in no time. Orderhive allowed us to have full visibility into customers, products, pricing, inventory, and shipping information.”

After we adopted Orderhive for inventory management and order processing, we were amazed to see how our daily business processes were turning out to be a cakewalk.

The below workflow depicts how OPHERTY & CIOCCI uses Orderhive for their business processes.


Easing Multichannel Selling – With Orderhive, Marco can manage orders placed on different channels from a single centralized order management system.

“Orderhive automated our workflow and gave us full visibility on the fulfillment process.“

Warehouse Management

“As our business expanded geographically, the logistic part became hard to handle. We needed to optimize our supply chain to cut on our fulfillment cost and ensure safety level stock.

Orderhive gave us full visibility on the movements of stock. We can now track products physically in our warehouse by bin location. This feature by Orderhive was important as we also sell our products through brick & mortar store, and it enables our staff to quickly locate products and keep it ready for sale or shipment. We can easily generate a pick list with each sales order as it reaches the shipping stage and can track order & inventory with ease.”


 quote icon 1Orderhive takes less than a minute to update our channels with the correct order and inventory status, due to which we have drastically cut down on overselling and at the same maintained safety level stock. The real-time analytics gives us insights into our best selling product, identify sales potential specific to a geography, and fulfillment ratio which helps us to forecast demand. quote icon 2

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