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The Enterprise Solution iPad application focuses on providing the fortune 500 company “Balfour Beatty” to streamline his construction process by let ...


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The Enterprise Solution iPad application focuses on providing the fortune 500 company “Balfour Beatty” to streamline his construction process by letting his employees and stakeholders related to their respective projects to go through a series of surveys where they were asked to rate a particular activity from 1 to 5 and also asking them for their comments related to that activity. The main user is able to add sub contractor who then will be able to enter their ratings for the project location they are at. Doing so made Balfour Beatty at ease as they need not to send inspection teams at different locations and giving the authority to project contractor to comment on the activities, so that the management can take appropriate action in order to make it. The iPad application also provided a mechanism which enabled the user to save the report of his entered ratings and comments in pdf format and also allowing them to print or email the report as well. The main user is also able to view statistics related to inserted ratings which will be converted in the form of trends as how many people rated which activity how much and so on. Apart from these activities which have been rated too low can be viewed in the “Immediate Attention” section where all the activities rated too low can be seen with no of peoples rated it as low along with user’s comments.


The Balfour Beatty iPad application provides an end-to-end report related to the construction site which is derived based upon survey forms as entered by the contractors/sub contractors that help in analysing the quality of work at the construction site in the most convenient method. The app is capable of offering analytical features with regard to aspects like showing ratings as made in the questionnaire in a pie chart format; user can filter it based upon rating he wants. Taking the UI into consideration, the app displays an extremely systematic User Interface that minimizes the complexities of the features, hence delivering efficient UX. The Application is a productivity app designed for iPad.


The Balfour Beatty, an efficient productivity and analytical app providing surveys on various aspects the construction site, is designed by Openxcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. This enterprise tool allows users to give ratings to the various aspects included at construction site. This enterprise solution application also features prominent collaboration features and many more competitive features where users are not only able to view statistics on which aspect at construction site needs attention and which is going very well.


Data Management

Manage different group with multiple questions Manage all fill up data according to different group and can available for different analysts

Data Migration

Data Migration from different versions

Creating Pdf

Create PDF file with dynamic content according to user fill up data in pre define format. Save , Print , Mail

Calendar (Date wise report)

Show monthly calendar with smooth scrolling to next month & selection date functionality Show record according to selected date


Show Data with different criteria in different form Date wise , different group wise , with Pie Chat & line chart representation


We created a strong database table and optimised it into 3NF (third normal form) and also we managed it by optimizing the query structure

We stored the database with different version name, backed up last updated version database for safety in case of losing any data during version updating, alter table with default value with updated version.

Before creating PDF file we created a mechanism which checks all content data with length within fixed width and set frame to write content and count total length of PDF

We implemented third party opensource api known as “Calendar Master”

For statistics part we recorded & fetched data from database with proper query structure to get correct & required data. We displayed data with Pie chart & Line chart to improve user experience

Results Obtained

The application really helped the Balfour Beatty to monitor their work quality based upon the inputs from the contractors by filling up the surveys and rating them. The ratings and the trends helped them to make quick decision on flaws as arising in the construction area. The application also saved lots of Balfour Beatty’s efforts of going place to place for inspection as using this application they were able to get inputs from the contractors in-charge of the construction site through their inputs.