Ca7ch(pronounced as catch) is a video capturing application that helps user to record and live stream videos from a wearable video camera.


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Ca7ch(pronounced as catch) is a video capturing application that helps user to record and live stream videos from a wearable video camera. The application concept derived from a monotonous social engaging platforms where users can chat, post, create event which was getting very much common in the market, hence Ca7ch came into picture. A unique social engaging platform that lets its user share their live activity with the help of a device called Lightbox which is a wearable camera enabling user to freely put that camera on his body and start live streaming the live event as and when it is taking place. The future is here from text, recorded audio/video sharing to live video sharing, this is what ca7ch has perceived to be the next step in social media. The miniature wearable camera enabling it’s user to wear and record and control the camera from app as when to start playing and when to pause. The application enables its user to share the video amongst his friends where his friends can take snaps of the live event and can post it to the event thus created by applying amazing filters as provided in the application. Users can also view streams from multiple cameras and enabling them to go into a visual conversation in one place.


Ca7ch is a hands free solution which allows the user to Wear CA7CH Lightbox and use the viewfinder on your phone to control what they see. Interestingly, the Lightbox automatically snaps photos and video. The CA7CH app exhibits an easy to understand User Interface, wherein users can carry out multiple functionalities with the app itself. It includes features for handling the camera and socializing features as well that makes it an enjoyable platform. Users can create group events, where tagged friends can snap pictures and stream video into a private space, or share with others on CA7CH app and other social networks.


CA7CH is a video capturing application conceptualized and developed by Openxcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. The CA7Ch app is especially designed for a wearable video camera CA7CH Lightbox. With its supportive app, this Lightbox wearable camera is made capable of offering intuitive video capturing, instant sharing and unmatched socializing features to the users.


Integrating the much complex UI

The UI that was to be implemented was extremely complex, as home screen had to be adjusted as per the screen, and all the content on the home screen were suppose to be displayed smoothly.

Implementing camera view finder screen

The screen had to offer multiple content features such as capture image, record audio, record short video, record long video from phone & lightbox camera all in one screen. One major issue that we had to deal with was the memory management, as we had to handle multiple activities in this one view. Handling different activities at one place and even instant uploading media just while it is being recorded was a task.


Enable Offline Mode Accessibility

The app was suppose to have a functionality in which it should be able to save the media in local library and later let the user upload it on the server. When device is in offline mode, user should be able to create any number of stories with any number of media files, and they should be able to change the property of story, just as he is able to do it in Online access.

Implementing Burst Mode

Burst mode is a part of camera view finder where multiple images should be taken in particular no. of seconds. The fixed no. of seconds that we took were: 3 seconds, 9 seconds & 12 seconds.


Live stream from lightbox camera to phone device

We had to integrate the wearable device with the application, so that the user of the application can see the output of the wearable camera on his phone.

Integrate Auto Play Feature

If a story has many videos in it and when user is having list of videos to view, those videos should be played automatically, similar to vine and other apps.


To make the integration simplified, we followed the approach that “Google+” has been using. The instance when user will swipe the list, all the other tabs and below search view will disappear smoothly. As a result, user will able to see the required data in full screen view.

We created separate modules for different tasks. Lightbox Camera API, Device Camera API, Media Uploading API, and even created further sub modules. We made sure to close all media process activity and freeze memory before leaving this page.

We saved the stories as recorded in our local database and managed all the details until user comes online. And when the user comes online we would immediately have to upload the local stories to server. We did so in such a manner that user who is using the app would remain unaware of the media that is being uploaded to the server. We uploaded media in background only using services.


We managed Burst mode integration by saving 3 images per second and we required to save image to several seconds like 3 seconds,9 seconds,12 seconds. Now, if user would choose 12 seconds burst mode, we required to save 36 images in total and that would lead to memory issues. We worked upon this to resolve the issue by optimizing the memory issues and make the burst mode work as expected.


First we implemented live stream with http pipeline connection, that can continuously send images one by one. In our app, we identified individual image from continuous flow and showed in viewfinder view. It could shows real time video with high quality from the device. But the problem was, we could not merge audio with video stream, and lightbox camera was unable to send captured images during video pipeline connection was open. So, we managed to merge it by implementing RTSP protocol, in case of device serve stream as server and application would play video with RTSP protocol.

We resolved the autoplay feature issue by managing the coding logic. We implemented the start and stop player that could be operated on scrolling start & stop.

Results Obtained

We were able to deliver an ingenious application as a Solution for the wearable camera CA7CH. By providing outstanding functionalities through the CA7CH app, we certainly made the Lightbox a much more efficient and robust device. Controlling the wearable camera was made easy and flawless. With almost all the camera operations taking place within the app, users could now easily handle their camera with their smartphones. We also managed to integrate the most unique feature, wherein the live streaming taking place in the camera could be viewed in the phone device. Users could switch between the Lightbox and the phone’s camera and select awesome filters, making the device a lot more efficient and resourceful. Along with that, we entrusted the app with outstanding socializing features. Users were able to combine multiple cameras and other users to create a visual conversation in one place. A flawless feeds section was incorporated in the app, allowing every CA7CH user to view the world through eyes of others using public events and live streaming videos. Altogether, a robust Solution was delivered in the form of CA7CH app to streamline the end-to-end operations of the wearable camera.