Clip Me

Clip Me is a brilliant iPhone application that goes one step beyond Vine to allow two or more users to edit and create video clips together.


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Clip Me is a brilliant iPhone application that goes one step beyond Vine to allow two or more users to edit and create video clips together.

The overall idea of social networking is changing with time. While Facebook still remains the black hole of social networking, users are slowly gravitating towards social networking apps meant for a specific activity. This explains the growth of apps such as Vine and Instagram that allows users engage in something specific while avoiding the noisy Facebook at the same time.

Clip me banks on the same idea that stands out as a valuable and unique social tool for user who loves to make short videos. But most importantly, what makes the app interesting is its ability to allow more than one user to create a video clip.


Clip Me exhibits a fabulous UI and UX design which has been thoroughly undertaken through various design processes.The app’s design is one of its key aspects and has been carefully executed by closely working on the numerous stages that spans from the initial concept to final coding of the app.


Clip me is doing great in the app store already. It has attracted more than 100 000 users in a span of less than a couple of months. The idea of bringing together a group of people and create content mutually is hard to put down. This is working in favor of the app and helping in getting traction in the app stores.


Deliver smooth autoplay in the table cell

The app’s table view would freeze while scrolling, handling, or downloading videos that appeared on the feed.

Video merging and adding layers

Since videos are shared with other users to edit, merging and creation of the final version were challenging. The app was taking too long to merge the layers. It also encountered a change in video orientation everytime the layers merged.

Setting the maximum memory storage benchmark

One of the critical challenges our developers faced was limiting the number of videos to be cached for the home screen. Videos that were downloaded for the feed (often partially) kept downloading despite being pushed down deep into the feed. Every time it happened, the app would crash.

Ascertaining a desirable server configuration for low latency

This was tricky as we had no idea as to how fast the app might grow in user number. And if it does spread quickly, how engaging will it prove for the audience? It was important to understand these factors as they directly influenced our decision to go for the desired server configuration. Keeping the latency low was one of the priorities in order to provide a good user experience.


To deliver a smooth UI autoplay experience, our iOS app developers created the custom class within the app with predefined download specifications. Our developers also made sure that video download and playback occurs only when the user would stop scrolling the feed. This is done by creating the custom class for the feed that enabled smooth UI scrolling experience.

To merge a video and omit the orientation problem, we employed some custom codes. These custom codes ascertained the final output of the video created by more than two members. If two or more users have edited on intersecting timeline on a video clip, the result would depend upon a specific order implemented within the code. The code also ascertains the final layout of the video.

To set the maximum memory storage benchmark, our developers decided to load a maximum of twenty videos at a time for autoplay. If a user scrolls further and exceeds twenty videos in the feed, older videos are automatically deleted by the app. However, scrolling back would reload them again.

We stumbled upon various configurations and instances of Amazon’s EC2. The input-output data per second (IOPS) was one of the shortest and that achieved low latency between the server and users.

Results Obtained

We created a standalone video making an app with a smooth UI. The feed worked without glitches and loaded the specified number of videos that prevented abrupt crashes.

Changes made to a video by ‘n’ number of users worked fine with respect to the code set by developers for the final output. The app has been able to attract a valuable community of users who make stop motion and other animated forms of videos. A large group of valuable Vine users are also using the app and making a number of creative videos through mutual participation.

With more than two million registration in less than two months, Clip Me has created a significant potential for monetization and seed funding already.