Fantasy Golf

Fantasy Golf app, just as the name suggests, is a Golf game but with a tad twist in the way players are scored for their game.


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Fantasy Golf app, just as the name suggests, is a Golf game but with a tad twist in the way players are scored for their game. Obviously, it is the unconventional segment i.e the scoring technique of the game that makes the app a lot more thriving and gripping to the players. The Fantasy Golf app more or less revolves around rewarding the players beyond the number of strokes, and lets the players score greater points by playing a better stroke. A different set of points are awarded for accomplishments such as fairway hits, green in regulations, good putting and the number of strokes played, whilst being penalized for bunker hits, lost balls and poor putting. The statistics of each player is the heart of the app as the app provides an array of detailed statistics after each completion of each game, which further helps the player to make efforts in the right direction to play an improved game.


The game exhibits a sleek UI with features and functionalities that are easy to understand. Considering that the game majorly deals with the scoreboard, the statistics and graphics are displayed in an utmost systematic manner which further helps the users to view their stance and make improvements in his/her future golf rounds.


Fantasy Golf App is a sports app developed by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. Fantasy Golf app has managed to reinvent the Golf scoring method in an utmost simplified manner. With this newly defined techniques to fill up the scoreboards, the golf rounds are set to becomes gripping and engaging than ever.


Manage the scores from the beginning till the end of the game.

The app required to manage the scores by itself from the beginning till the end of the game, and only sync them to the server when the user is done playing the game.

Sync the scores with the backend server when the user starts feeding the score one after the other.

Once the user starts the game at each hole (total 18) he is required to manually enter the scores and we have to manage all these data to sync with our backend server as well. However, as this was not the right way to make server call on each changes user made while playing the game, we had to deal with it differently.

Enable the app users to view the statistics in graphic form.

App user should be allowed to see statistics of games played by him individually or in team.

Handle complex UI structures for smoother performance.

Some screens of the respective app had complex UI structures that had to perform smoothly across different devices.


We created full offline database at the back end application and incorporated all the optimization steps at our end to make the app more fluent while user is playing the game. This helped us to streamline the process of managing the scores and sync them to the server in realtime.

We eventually had to make the full database at our end that would keep adding and updating the data at the backend application. Once the game is completed successfully we will update whole data to server at once, so that information can be synced with server. Though the entire process is quite challenging, wherein we need to create the same database again at our end even though we created at backend, we managed it successfully.

We integrated some third party libraries to make the graphs, which further allowed the app users to view the statistics of games played individually or in team.

We designed the app, keeping in mind each different device available in market, in such a way that the app’s performance is undoubtedly smooth even on lower level devices.

Results Obtained

A fresh and thriving golf scoring app was delivered. Considering the fact that the app had to majorly deal with the scores and statistics in realtime, attaining a smooth and effortless functioning was evident and the developers managed to accomplish the same within the given time. With a fresh twist in the golf scoring techniques, the golf rounds have eventually turned out to be exciting than ever for golf players. Golf Fantasy App is now slowly and steadily winning hearts with its ultimate novelty of letting the app users hit the score boards with greater points which is followed by rewards for accomplishing the same.