Fitness Aegis

Fitness Aegis is a health & fitness app that allows users to schedule a workout with a trainer as and when he wants.


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Fitness Aegis is a health & fitness app that allows users to schedule a workout with a trainer as and when he wants. The app pulls together exercises which Javier Fleites, an NSCA certified trainer, has utilized to great success for his customers. The intent of this app is to provide a middle ground, which is more cost effective than using a personal trainer for every workout session but also more personalized than the generic workout apps that are currently available.


Fitness Aegis app being a data driven application, offers an extremely understandable and user-friendly User Interface. The users are intended to make major interaction within the app considering actions such as scheduling appointments, daily workouts, and interacting with the respective trainer. To avail these functionalities smoothly, the app exhibits a comprehensive navigation flow, making it easy for the users and trainers to carry out the tasks


Fitness Aegis is a Health and Fitness App developed by Openxcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. The App allows the fitness trainers and the users to communicate effectively and undertake various tasks concerning to fitness schedules. The app acts as an effective platform where potential users can easily avail personal training solutions for professional trainers.


Create custom calendar

We were required to create a date icon, which gets updated dynamically as per user’s input. Icon of date changes as once a workout is being scheduled by the user or by the trainer.

Saving Report Offline

We needed to save the reports/schedules as generated after an exercise or the content included in a schedule offline so that user can view them even when there is no internet connection.

Scheduling Local Notification for Workout

We had to create a system where-in user is able to receive notifications from trainers even when the user is offline.

Creating daily and monthly report

We were required to create reports of user on daily and monthly bases accessible to trainer and super admin.


We created a customized view which enabled user’s calendar to change the date icon dynamically.

To enable saving reports offline we allowed saving of report offline and as soon as the user goes online the app will manage database for uploaded, uploading and not uploaded data and manage to update on server.

To schedule local notifications all schedule and important notification are stored locally when user is online and later when the user is offline the application notifications will be handled by local notifications.

To overcome the issue of reports we created a Database structure and added jQuery.

Result Obtained

Fitness Aegis, a fitness application making it easier for people to get trained by expert trainers using the application. Trainers from backend could easily post images and update users fitness schedule and users can view them seamlessly even if they are disconnected from internet. Users could easily swipe between menu to main training schedule through smoother navigation as well as like and message their trainers if any doubt. With no lags in the application, users were able to follow their daily schedule, whereas the trainers were able to upload training schedule and check the status of associated trainee from the back end.