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Google was looking for a partner who can audit their client’s mobile application and mobile website in order to optimize the same. Google teamed up with OpenXcell and we delivered our best to make not just Google happy but also their clients by suggesting them valuable recommendations. The auditing given to us was based upon predefined best practices defined by the Google. Google has a lot of best practices test procedures to audit any mobile app for android platform as well as Google also maintains many standards to audit mobile websites. OpenXcell audited around 40 of Google’s top clients stating the pros and cons in their current system and presenting the same in a systematic presentation format as per Google standards. At OpenXcell we always followed the best practices for mobile app development and for mobile website development while serving our various customers.


Different Parameters and Procedures to follow

We were given the parameters for mobile application to which we required to adhere to, in order to conduct an audit. These parameters had sub-parameters and these sub-parameters had testing procedures which we need to adhere to.


Mobile Site Standards

We were not provided with the exact parameters to be used for mobile website audit; hence we need to list down the parameters which best suits the mobile website’s productivity.


Google Standards

The complete process from auditing the application and website to presenting the report has to be done by maintaining all the Google standards.


We stuck with the parameters for mobile applications as provided to us by the Google and started our auditing accordingly. Each parameter had its sub-parameter and these parameters had its prescribed testing procedure as per Google. At OpenXcell, as the testing procedure we follow is similar to what Google had specified us, it was easier for us to accomplish this task.

With OpenXcell’s experience of having served many clients, we were able to design the parameters for deciding the auditing measures for a Mobile website. We designed a firm list of parameters with sub parameters which helped us to audit the website more effectively and efficiently

Result Obtained

The audit! The Presentation! The Response! All these outputs were brilliantly attained as OpenXcell was able to accomplish the auditing before the allotted time, covering all the standards and parameters provided by Google. We audited around 40 of the Google’s client’s Mobile website and application. The report provided their clients with in depth insights into their current mobile website and application status, hence providing them with ways to improve upon their current system along with a positive sense of feeling about OpenXcell's efficiency