Many times when we are on the move we come across restaurants we want to try or some we want to save as we can suggest to friends or can come back to the again ...


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Many times when we are on the move we come across restaurants we want to try or some we want to save as we can suggest to friends or can come back to the again and again! Most of us would love to maintain a list of our favorite restaurants and of the one which we would want to try. Grabbd: Restaurant Finder App allows you to create your own list of go-to places, easily tags the places you grab let it be a new one or one of your all-time favorites. It also lets you follow your friends and family and other foodies on grabbd you can see what they have to say about the various place and what’s more you can access this information from anywhere on the earth!


The app has a really cool design and with a lot of sorting options available within the app. The ease of navigation within the app makes it really ease for end user to use.


Grabbd was designed specifically by keeping in mind the travel enthusiasts around the world! When we are on the move food and more importantly good food is really essential. With the help of the grabbd you can now see where people are eating and also add your food experience for others to help on food options!


User can change location from anywhere in the application

We wanted users to have flexibility of changing location in the app at any point of time to see what are the most grabbd places in the other locations and not just in locations around users.

Client had a requirement to merge App’s backend data with Foursquare API

Foursquare contains the largest collection of restaurants and rating listing and we wanted to provide our user with most trustable source of data when users search beyond the database of the app so the integration with foursquare was done.

Manage 4 Maps and 4 Tableview in single view

In main listing page we have 4 tabs and without loading every time we have to manage them and also for all Listing we have maps.

Search result with multiple types of data

The App allows users to search with multiple options such as venues, users and tags and we have to make sure the user get accurate information every time they search.


We made sure that user can set their location from anywhere in the application to achieve that we broadcasted one notification and every single class which have needed and called the respective services.To make sure App users get any information they search for when they need it we merged the response of our server with Foursquare API and display to user.

To manage the data listings we had two options 1) We can use 4 arrays with single Table and Map 2) We can use 4 arrays and 4 Maps and Tables. But we manage them with creating Delegates, instead of doing all the logic in same method or doing same logic in different files we manage only single Delegate for all 4 Tables and Maps so without separate condition we just done the global code.

In application there is just one single option to search in that user can search for venues, users and tags. So we have to manage all 3 types of record in 3 cells, and we also custom swiping feature venues so have to manage those also.

Result Obtained

With the amazing work of team and presence of mind while creating dome of the most critical aspect of apps, we were able to create this app successfully. This is a data heavy app but with proper management of data and the calls to fetch this data we have made the apps working very smooth and without any lags.