Hubble Home

The Hubble Home application enables a user to connect their Smartphone with Motorola wireless cameras and detect the various activities occurring in the camera& ...


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The Hubble Home application enables a user to connect their Smartphone with Motorola wireless cameras and detect the various activities occurring in the camera’s detectable periphery. The Hubble Home and the Motorola camera needs to be connected only once so that the camera can access the WIFI and later on the user can get the notifications and can view live streaming of video even if he is 1000 miles away from his home. Camera’s inbuilt digital thermometer enables the user to also fetch the temperature of the area where the camera is placed, where the user can easily switch between Celsius & Fahrenheit. 


The Hubble Home application, that caters a plethora of inventive features, has been brilliantly designed to deliver a user-friendly User Interface. Despite of the intricate nature of the app where users are suppose to interact with multiple features at a time, the UX of the app remains extremely sleek and organized. Hence, the application’s simplified features and well-curated design elements allows the user to view, check, organize and make relevant actions even while on the go.


The Hubble Home, an efficient lifestyle and safety/security app providing surveillance on various aspects, is designed partly by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. This lifestyle tool allows users to keep a track on their loved ones and the places by monitoring the area which uses Motorola wifi enabled camera that sends notifications based upon change in room temperature or when a motion or noise is detected. The app also serves some advanced features, where the user can set the time to get notified along with many more competitive features that makes it a one of a kind app.


Syncing code with Github

We required to sync the codes with Github library.

Live video streaming integration with FFMPEG

We need to integrate the live streaming occurring in the application which was being fetched by the Motorola Camera with FFMPEG.

Code Review

As the project came to us on maintenance, we need to review the whole code as made by the previous developers.

Recording Video from Camera

We were required to record the video from camera and give the functionality to pause play from the application

Talk-Back Feature

We integrated a feature which lets user to speak through the phone and also hear the voice as spoken from the camera

Connecting Camera to device

We need to connect the camera with the device and also with the wifi which will serve as the sole medium of communication between two devices, even if the mobile application is using some different connection.


Syncing code with the Github library was a new task for our team as earlier we didn’t underwent such kind of a scenario. So, our team did a thorough research on the process of syncing the code with Github and finally we were able to implement the same.

Working with FFMPEG was a first time implementation for our team for integrating live streaming of videos with FFMPEG. So, in order to achieve this we created several demos to check the successful integration of FFMPEG. Thus we integrated the final working version of the integration of live streaming with FFMPEG.

Reviewing a code of an already built system is always challenging for any developer, and here we need to review the code of a very well built system where lots of work was required to be done, from fixing the bugs to reviewing the code. We got the work done in phases and picked each module one by one and started resolving the issues associated with, hence able to complete the reviewing phase.

Recording a video from a remote location and also enabling the feature to pause/play made us stuck, hence we created demo iterations to get the feature accomplished with perfection. Eventually we were able to create a system which enabled camera recording and make it play/pause from remote locations.

We synced the Camera device and the associated app account together, hence enabling user to speak/hear two-way.

We created a mechanism which enabled the app to send the wifi credentials to the Motorola device and make the Motorola camera connect with the wifi and the phone as well. Here we successfully created a connection between the mobile and the camera providing the ability to switch the phone to a different internet connection and still connected to the Motorola camera.

Results Obtained

The application really helped the users to keep a track on their surroundings and their loved ones. The ability to set the sensor level as high medium or low in case of noise or movement really helped users to set things as per its importance. The temperature feature really thrilled the users as they can set between what room temperature they should be notified. The overall concept and a very easy to use interface made user to fall in love with the application.