Little Snail Rent

Renting out a property is a difficult task for both property holder and potential rental! Keeping in this everyday problem in mind the app Little Snail Rent was ...


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With this Property Rental Apps you can find the property around you with a near me option, once you find the properties you can view its pictures and specifications. The user can also apply a lot of filters for finding out such as no of rooms, no of bathrooms, if he just wants to rent out a Single room, Master room, or whole apartment, he can check amenities as well such as available parking space for the apartment. The user is also able to save all the properties he likes to review later and if there are any changes in any of the terms of the property the user will get a notification on the same. Users can also save the locations so if a new property is added in that location the user will get a notification. Once the user finds his desired property he/she can initiate communication with the landlord by a call, email or wechat. For landlord it is an easy way to rent out their property all they have to do it click pictures of property add details about it such as no rooms, no of washrooms, master bed, kids room and all amenities , lease type, lease time and availability of property within the app and their property will be live for users. As soon as any user will save the property, the landlord will get a notification. And they can be contacted by users for viewing the property.

Renting out a property is a difficult task for both property holder and potential rental! Keeping in this everyday problem in mind the app Little Snail Rent was created. The app solves the problem in a very easy and convenient way! Now you can see the available properties for rent in your area, see the exact location of them on the map and also view them later for comparison. With the near me feature of the app, you can find all the available properties in your area in no time. Once you find the desired property you can easily contact the landlords by email, call or WeChat! The app supports Chinese and English.


The app is beautifully designed with an ease of navigation. Users will be able to see all listed property images and location in the map, even if the two properties in the same building they will be able to identify them with the help of different pin colours used in the app. A new property can be viewed with a “New” tag attached to it, after two weeks of the listing the new tag gets removed from the property which helps users to identify new properties easily. The design of the app is also very simple and intuitive when a landlord wants to add a new property listing. This makes the in app experience really memorable for users and landlords!


The App is developed for Buddyhaha Pty Ltd and it is available for both Android and ios.


Login and Sharing via WeChat:

The log in API for all popular platforms are easily available but this is a new kind of social plugin and the team had no previous experience in creating the login via wechat.

Local Storing of Data:

The Client wanted to give users the facility to preview the data from they had left even after they kill the app. So adding this functionality for consistency was very important for the client.

Displaying Multiple Properties for the same location:

We faced a scenario where there were multiple properties for rent in the same building and we will have to make sure users get to see all the listed properties.


The team got to learn a lot in the process of exploring the login via we chat feature. To implement login via WeChat we have to create Account in This Website is in Chinese language so, was hard to understand then we used the online translator tool to use that site in English and researched about Login functionality. With efforts of the team, we were able to complete that task on time.

When the client gave specification about how he want the user to pick up from where he has left in the app the 60% of the development was done we had to incorporate these changes so we changed the whole workflow and by storing data in preference we were able to achieve this functionality. It also displayed the number of searched addresses in search field so the user can be sure to resume from where he had left the app or kill the app.

There are possibilities of having multiple properties available in the same building so the challenge was how to show them on the map, So we have listing numbers in the property pin. So when a user is looking at the properties he will see from the numbers that they are seeing the new property and not the repeat one. The Map Pin will change its colour once the property has been viewed by the user from bright red to light red so he know that he has already seen the same property and he can move ahead and see the next one.

Result Obtained

Despite of the various challenges and some of the rework of the logic the team was about to deliver a high performing app on time. The app is live on both iOS and android play stores.