Lovin App meticulously fills in the vacant space where in people find it necessary to show love and warmth, support and care, regardless of the distance, and be ...


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Lovin App meticulously fills in the vacant space where in people find it necessary to show love and warmth, support and care, regardless of the distance, and beyond the common feature- Like. Yes, Lovin literally lets you send hearts or better call them heartbeats to your loved ones, for a place that is too close to your heart, or a recent event around the world that moved you. The app is aimed at making this world a better place by spreading positivity, hence giving out a thousand reasons to demonstrate support for people, places and things by sending Lovin heartbeats. All it requires you to do is, keeping a finger on the heart to see the love flowing in abundance.The app lets you send upto 3600 heartbeats at a time.


Lovin is a unique social networking application that lets you send heartbeats by simply pressing the heart. The app exhibits an aesthetically pleasing and simple user interface along with elements delivering enhanced user experience. A user can follow up to 40 users within the app. The Lovin user profile displays the number of followers he has and the number of users he is following. It also displays the number of heartbeats a person has received and sent. The app displays an attractive animated ‘Lovin heart icon.’ Its simplistic UI includes a feeds section where a list of Lovin Leaders is updated. The app also lets you find Lovin accounts on the basis of their popularity.


A distinctive social networking app, Lovin, has been conceptualized and developed by Openxcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. The ultimate concept behind the app is to spread some love around, where like is just not enough to depict your love, support and care towards good causes, aghast events and even a deserving friend. Sending a Lovin heartbeat can brighten up someone’s day in no time, and all you need is a loving thought and Lovin app to do so.


Implementation of parse

The process being new for us, we initially required to understand the end-to-end implementation procedure of parse.


Parse had few query limitations

We could not directly write group query for fetching data from parse database.

Implementation of spiral animation and maintain its speed as required

We had to implement spiral animation on pressing the "Lovin heart” icon and increase the speed and decrease the speed of animation when the user released his finger from “Lovin Heart” icon.

Fetching records of a user’s followers and following

It was a complex task to fetch records of followers and following with multiple query from parse database.

Fetch user activity data from parse database

We required to fetch records of daily, monthly, yearly activities of users from parse database.

Implement UITableview

We had to display a list of data using Parse

Convert seconds to Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute

We required to implement a specific calculation to accomplish this task


We followed step-by-step instructions to implement parse in objective c.


We created an array for list of query and executed list of array query. Before executing query, we set the limit of 10000 records. So, query could fetch 10000 records.

We used CABasicAnimation for animation spiral image when the user would press on “Lovin Heart” icon.

We set the start time and speed of the animation effect on timer. As the user would press the Lovin Heart, the animation effect would start and the speed would increase. As the user would release his finger, the speed would decrease and the rotation of the spiral image would slow down.

We wrote multiple query and added in array of query. We could finally execute array of query to fetch records of selected users’ following and followers result.

We managed to update separate activities of users. We updated the activities in the feed in daily, monthly and yearly order, when he/she would send lovin heartbeat.

When using parse in ios application, we used PFQueryTableViewController in place of UITableview. This made it easy to maintain pull-to-refresh and pagination.

Results Obtained

We delivered a standalone social networking app with an effortless UI. The Lovin Heartbeat animation effect worked smoothly and appeared aesthetically pleasing on pressing the same. The records of user’s follower and following were seamlessly fetched. The feeds section was updated with Lovin leaders with maximum Lovin heartbeats precisely in daily, monthly and yearly order. Ample of users around the world now have been looking forward to demonstrate their love and support through the Lovin App, as it lets them express their positive thoughts towards anything and everything on spur of the moment. With its extremely out of box concept of spreading love and showing support beyond a mere like is what sets the app apart and bestows it with tremendous potential.