Massoo is a massage service application that easily lets the users view the profile of massage therapists for free and book appointments.


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Massoo is a massage service application that easily lets the users view the profile of massage therapists for free and book appointments. The app also provides the facility to book the therapists directly without the involvement of any middle man. Users can even search for therapists by location through Massoo App Store App. The app offers free trial membership as well.


Masso App being a service-based app, whose purpose is to provide business to the masseurs and service to the customers, it exhibits an extremely convenient and seamless UI. Potential customers would be seeking profiles of therapists and booking appointments through the app, hence an elegantly designed interface has been deployed that displays the profiles and expertise of therapists along with pictures. Also, some of the most intricate features like paid subscriptions and renewable subscriptions have been deployed in the most natural way, making it easy for the users to understand these features’ functionalities. Along with that, the app offers separate login for clients and therapists, considering that both of them will be interacting differently with the app.


Masso is the first massage service app conceptualized and developed by Openxcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. The app seamlessly allows massage lovers to book appointments with their preferred professional massage therapists directly. The professional therapists can opt for subscriptions depending upon the amount of business the intend to generate. While, the app is absolutely free for users seeking therapists.


Managing User Login Session

We required to manage different types of user login (Therapist, Client) and their respective functionalities. We required to enable viewing list of therapists even when the user haven’t logged in, and redirect him to login screen when user intends to take any action that requires authentication.

Managing Auto- Renewable In App purchase

In General, Auto-Renewal IAP are applicable to content-based app like magazines, but here we were suppose to implement for service-based app, since it being a strong client demand. Considering the variations in offering the subscriptions, we had to manage four different Packages of Auto Renewal IAP. We had to handle cancellation Auto Renewal IAP by user from iTunes to stop paid service. We required to manage upgradation of Auto Renewal IAP.


We managed to delegate different types of user login for clients and therapists. If a user logged in as therapist, he could set a dedicated profile: Pictures, Add City according to his subscription type. If user logged in as client , he can effortlessly search therapists and call him. We did not provide IAP option to client user, which means they could avail services for free. In case of a user being both, a client and therapist, we put separate option in side menu to login as therapist OR as a client.

We implemented the redirection process by call web service api through one common gateway. In case of any web service api call that requires login and the session is unavailable, then we redirected the page to login page.

We managed to deploy auto-renewable IAP by creating different IAP identifier from iTunes Developer account according to the client’s requirement and managed its identifier with server side logic.

We recorded IAP status of login user with server side database, so that the user can access services with any device.

We created each package in different groups in iTunes Developer account with monthly & yearly options, so user will never suffer of subscribing same package with monthly & yearly at a time. Also we restricted him from user interface.

We retrieved receipt when user subscribed for IAP and sent the same to server. With the help of this, server side could receive subscription status that is renewed or canceled. According to the response from our server, we identify whether subscription is to be continued or not.

As per apple guidelines and available API for IAP, we cannot stop auto renew IAP subscription through coding, it is the user who needs to cancel it from his iTunes Account. So we make addition of services we offer in the app, along with previous subscription in case if user subscribes to more than one package. Along with that, we always keep a tab on user subscription status from server side for receipt.

Result Obtained

We successfully managed to release a service-based app that functioned flawlessly. We paid highest attention to the fact that, Masso app was suppose to serve equally efficient functionalities to massage clients and therapists. Hence, our decision to include different login sessions made the app thriving enough for all kind of users. Along with deploying easy to understand and elegantly designed User Interface, we delegated precise features for clients who could view therapists based on their preferences and connect with them through a click. While, providing options of subscriptions types to the therapists gave immense space to grow their business the way they want to. All in all, the app has proved to be a boon to massage clients and therapists alike, as selling and buying a massage service has never been so easier and quick.