Mysterious Castle

Mysterious Castle is an engaging piece of entertainment that is quite hard to put down.


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The story unfolds when a thief passing by a castle confronts a monk trapped inside the structure. The monk strikes a mutual deal with the thief. He tempts the thief with the story of a golden skull hidden in the castle. If the thief can find it, not only it will make him rich but the monk will be free from the castle too. The thief agrees, and the game begins.  Composed of ten exciting levels, 'Mysterious Castle' is a mix of thrills, puzzles and an exciting journey. Set on a colourful archaic  and well-lit environment, the game is a pure visual pleasure. Some great sound effects through the entire plot make it even more rewarding for its players. One of the deciding factors about adventure and puzzle games is the level of difficulty involved in the game. If it is too difficult, players would quit it soon. If it is too easy, lesser engagement leaves feeble chances of monetization. However, Mysterious castle easily struck the balance in-between. Another notable thing about the game is the quality of  game art. We have used some top quality assets to build the game. It makes the UI catchy and adds a lot to the experience. 

Mysterious Castle is an engaging piece of entertainment that is quite hard to put down. The mystery/puzzle conquest is nicely built within the entire plot and backed by an awesome gameplay experience. The game is consisted of 10 interesting levels with increasing difficulty as the user goes up. With some breathtaking UI and sound effects, Mysterious Castle is worth playing.Challenge yourself in this addictive, free puzzle game and watchout for the absolute 3D level with realtime navigation


Lagging effect with planes:

Generally planes are used to render objects within the game. However, numerous draw calls choked the system. This was making the game lag on various occasions. 

Detection of Collision:

There are numerous moments in the game where objects touch or collide with each other. We had to detect these collisions as they take the gameplay forward.

Single Script:

We wanted a single command with which we could execute all click commands across the game

Highlighting elements on screen:

There are various elements in the screen that needed highlighting to momentarily stand out  from the background. 

Positioning elements across the UI:

There were a number of pre-determined positions on the UI where elements reappeared as per the gameplay. We had to locate these positions.

Continuous Gameplay:

The ten doors meant for each level, opened up to their respective level. We had to allow users to any level from their previous level. 

Large size of the game:

The images in the environments were too large. It inflated the total space occupied by the game.

Creating rub effect on the Pot:

In the third level of the game, the player has to rub off a layer of dust from an earthen pot. Creating this effect was tricky.


We used sprites instead of planes. Rendering sprites was easier as they required only a single draw call memory.

We employed the box collider tool in Unity 3D to solve this issue. We set the collider settings on a predetermined number of objects to detect collisions.

We created a single script that could navigate users to the next level with tap gestures.

We implemented the hover script to highlight these elements across all the levels.

We created a single script to identify the center, top and bottom positions for objects in the UI

The ten doors are accessible through a single corridor. We made loops for the doors such as 1-2-3-.... 10-1-2-... and so on. Hence, no matter which door the user goes in, he can move to any one of the remaining nine doors. 

We applied a compression technique available in Unity 4.5. It compressed the images by three times of their original size.

We used custom shaders for alpha effect on the pot. We also made a render texture GL library to create the 'rub' effect on pot. Hence, as the user touched the screen, the dust appeared to rub off the pot. 

Result Obtained

Built across a time span of eight to nine months, the game was completed relatively within a short time frame. All the levels worked great. Users could switch from one level to another very easily. Highlighting effect and collision detection worked great to give an effortless gameplay. We also decreased the game size successfully while keeping the visual quality unaltered to give a great experience. Overall, the game stands out as an engaging piece of entertainment that is quite hard to put down.