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Apps are meant to make our lives easier. Whether its a matter of reducing and streamlining the manual work at the workplaces or bringing an entire University under one roof to streamline communication between the faculties and students. One such ingenious application is myU. MyU which means My University, is an interactive internal social communication tool for colleges. This app is meant to create an interactive environment where students, professors, clubs and organizations can interact and connect with each other. Students can be easily informed about the college announcements, upcoming events and they can stay posted with any activities taking place around the campus. Our goal was to create a proactive application that would suit an educational system with added social features. We came up with an application that was fun and resourceful at the same time.


Automatically resize the main feeds section:

The main feed section of the application was important as it had to adapt to the required sizes on its own depending on the content type.

Equip an open source SDK for real time chat:

Deploying a real time chat in the application was critical, and based on the client’s requirement we were expected to deliver SDK that was efficient as well as one that would provide economical solution.

Deliver smoother Navigation:

We had to provide users with effortless swipe gestures between menus and main feeds section which is considered quite difficult to maintain. It is more challenging as the users are allowed to post images into main feeds.

Provide better Responsiveness:

Providing responsive user experience was a must for us. Especially when the users were to like, comment or follow the feeds.


We managed to insert a dynamic cell structure which could resize the main feeds section. This would allow the feeds to automatically resize themselves based on the content type that included text as well as images.

The market has to offer plenty of SDKs which can offer real time chat but they tend to be extremely expensive. Hence, we served our client with XMPP (an Open Source Solution) that proves to be long lasting and pocket-friendly at the same time, in spite of the expected difficulties that we were to face while managing the same.

We managed to deliver smoother navigation while using swipe between menus and main feeds section. The users were able to swipe between the feeds that included images as well.

In order to meet the requirement of availing better responsiveness, we stored the data locally and sent asynchronous data to server in the background.

Results Obtained

MyU, an internal social application for colleges was built that worked flawlessly. We paid attention to even the most minute of details that leveraged the efficiency and the overall performance of the application. Students and professors could easily post images and update their fellow students and professors on latest announcements and upcoming events that are suppose to take place in the campus. Members could easily swipe between menu to main feeds through smoother navigation as well as like and comment on their favorite posts. With no lags in the application, members were able to follow their preferred faculty boards, whereas the faculty members could check who is following their boards.

What's Our Client says!
The OpenXcell team is amazing in the way they handled the project. They are very professional and understand the concept very well. So I defiantly recommend any one to work with OpenXcell
Bader Alessa - Founder MyU