Pedigree: Apps for Dogs

Pedigree: Apps for Dogs is a one-stop Dog health app for managing food habits of your beloved pet.


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Pedigree: Apps for Dogs is a one-stop Dog health app for managing food habits of your beloved pet. It features dietary calculator and has all necessary information you need for your pet. Pet's Food app allows users to view all the diet plans of their dog breed along with the appropriate food product suited for them. The application gives variety of tips related to taming of your pet, telling you which breed needs what all kind of attention and how the diet should be controlled. The application enables the user to make a diet plan for the pet by stating the food items he wants to give, after which the app will calculate the calorie in-take in diet plan for the pet.


The food pet app has been designed with utmost care to deliver an extremely simple user interface, in order to offer an interface that allows the users to easily enter the criteria that eventually gives them an automated diet plan based on the details entered. The app also offers excellent usability experience while interacting with the functionalities of the software.


Pet Food is a one stop health app for managing food habits of your pet, developed by OpenXcell Pvt. Ltd. The application features an accurate dietary calculator and provides end-to-end information regarding taming your pet and all the other dietary information that would prove to be utmost useful for your pet. The app showcases unmatched features, where-in users simply need to provide specific criteria to know what kind of food will suit the particular variety of dog breed.


Understanding the business logic for diet plan

We were required to understand the logic behind how a diet plan will vary between different breeds.

Understanding the business logic for pet food range

We were required to understand how different pet food range will differ with respect to breed.


We were provided with an excel sheet which contained details on which food item will contain how much calorie, protein and fat. We created the business logic for the same by creating a formula which gives results based on selected food items and the nutrients related to it.

We derived a formula from excel sheet provided by the client, in which we had to determine the logic behind different criteria used and their corresponding result. So we created an interface where-in user is able to enter details like Breed, Age, Gender, Weight, Pregnancy status/no of weeks based on these criteria the business logic calculated the diet plan for the mentioned criteria successfully.

Results Obtained

The application’s purpose was a success as it provided convenience for the targeted pet owners to know important dietary and nutritional information about their dog breed and different ways to tame their pet along with a detailed diet plan just a click away by selecting the breed. The app also made it easy for the users to know which food product is good for their pet breed and type, which they could check by entering few simple details and the rest would be provided by the application.