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Today more and more people are willing to avail the benefits of mobile, considering it as a more preferred platform to access the internet on the go. And without a doubt, mobile Apps are supposed to be playing a vital role pertaining to the groundbreaking shift. This has concerned the majority of the potential businesses all over the world and has led them to genuinely think over incorporating an App in their business strategy to leverage profits. So, is their goal confined till developing and marketing an app? Then, no is the answer.

After having released the Application, the app is expected to be performing flawlessly and extremely engaging in order to retain the users. To keep a track of these factors, it is essential to consider Mobile app analytics. Mobile app analytics metrics are even critical for decision making while optimizing the app while releasing an updated version. In order to find out whether the App is meeting the user’s expectations or not and to track the activities of users and performance of the app, Mobile App Analytics tools serve the needful. So how do these tools perform, what sort of in-app analytics do they fetch and how entrepreneurs and marketers can conduct mobile app analytics best practices?

A list of critical insights on App Analytics that these eBook will take you through:

  •     Learn how App analytics and Web analytics are different from each other
  •     Importance of switching from the web to mobile
  •     Know the most important metric for measuring the success of an app
  •     The 8 critical key metrics
  •     Mobile app analytics best practices-The 4 keys to success

This eBook is carefully designed to help you obtain precise knowledge on the above-mentioned factors. Delegating these methods practically will leverage the efficiency of your mobile analytics best  practices.

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