Building a Successful Ecommerce Platform

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Today, eCommerce is one of the fastest growing retail channels. It has become important than ever for businesses of all sizes to have an eCommerce presence to leverage their clientele strength and thereby grow by leaps and bounds. Whereas the mass, on the other hand, is all praises for being able to make purchases on their fingertips. For instance, Us consumers spent $186.2 billion online in 2012 and the Global eCommerce was expected to top $1.25 Trillion by the end of 2013. Beyond everything, these figures are astonishing and they only hint a splendid growth in the future.

However, when it comes to building an eCommerce platform for your business, one needs to understand that it is more than building a website. You are supposed to build an online store that integrates payment gateways, connects buyers with shipping partners, allows you to monitor stock levels and more. Hence,It demands you to precisely know what  is the best eCommerce platform. Interestingly, the availability of eCommerce platforms is in abundance and choosing the right eCommerce platform to come as a challenge for business owners. It is certain that you want to come up with the most efficient eCommerce platform, but that demands a thorough understanding of each and every platform to pick the right one and thereby creating a clear roadmap for executing your business plans accordingly.

If you are having some serious plans of building a competitive eCommerce platform for your business and want to precisely understand the available options in the market, conduct eCommerce platform comparison,  then make sure you download this eBook. It contains critical information on how to build an eCommerce website and gives detailed knowledge on the available eCommerce platforms.

This eBook gives you,

  • An overview on how to build an eCommerce platform and its concerning aspects
  • A compilation of leading eCommerce platform types, their Pros, and Cons, and eCommerce platform comparison. It includes,


  1. Magento
  2. Shopify
  3. Ubercart
  4. Bigcommerce
  5. Prestashop
  6. CS-Cart
  7. Information on whether to build the platform yourself or to Hire a Professional?

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