A Complete Guide to AB Testing For Your Apps

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The rise of mobile technology has spurred the adoption of apps on an unprecedented scale. In 2013, 56 million apps were downloaded. That number is expected to be far higher for 2014, and should quadruple by 2017 according to experts. Of course, apps have changed and evolved over their relatively short history – we’ve moved from a “pay to play” model to one that puts the focus more on free apps with in-app monetization or other indirect forms of compensation (brand recognition, user engagement, and loyalty, etc.).

With that being said, there’s still a need to prove ROI from mobile apps, and that can be enormously difficult on its own. Add in the millions of competing apps, and just standing out from the crowd can be an insurmountable hurdle.

Thankfully, there’s a solution available for app developers – testing. Testing and identifying the right analytics ensures that you’re not relying on guesswork and muddying (or completely eliminating) your ROI. It’s about knowing what works and what doesn’t. It’s about cutting out the flying by the seat of your pants approach in favor of one that relies on accurate data informing good decisions.

Not sure about the need for A/B testing? Not positive when testing is necessary and when it’s not? Unsure what you should even be doing in those tests? At Openxcell, we have considerable experience with A/B testing on all platforms and with the broadest possible range of mobile apps. We created this ebook to help you learn how testing gives you the freedom necessary to create amazing apps that really succeed in a crowded marketplace.