Don’t Get Lost In The Crowd: App Store Optimization

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As an app developer, you have done a lot of work in developing an app. Though, you soon realize that the real challenge you would be facing soon is bringing your app to surface, no matter even if it has to encounter a hundred competitive apps in the app market.

It is clear that the secret to app’s success is not just to know how to make an app for the app store. Rather there is more to it that requires putting in substantial efforts in a specific direction. So, what else is it that plays an essential role in delivering success to your application? What is it that helps developers to witness improves chances of better app rankings in the app stores? What is required for an app to be at a place where witnessing large number of installs becomes a reality?

App Store Optimization is the answer to the above questions. ASO is certainly the new trend for app developers to simply improve their chances of getting their app in the spotlight. As the term suggest, the apps are meant to be optimized according to the constantly changing ASO rules, so as to make the most out of the rankings and search algorithms that work differently in different markets.

It is certain that App Store Optimization requires a great deal of strategy and work. However, it is equally important to know what is actually involved in ASO.

Here is an overview of how this App Store Optimization book will thoroughly help you.. The eBook includes all the crucial steps of ASO that are necessary for your app’s success.

  • Improve Your App’s Title- The How and Why
  • App Store Keyword Optimization- Keywords and Keyword Implementation
  • App Localization
  • Importance of App Icon Design
  • The App Description
  • Optimizing App Screenshots
  • Optimizing App’s Landing Page
  • Reviews and Ratings

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