Global Monetization Secrets of Successful Apps

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Is there even a business that doesn’t want to earn revenue! App development business is no different in that case. Potential App developers are always in a look out for exploring newer and better mobile app monetization strategies and improved app monetization methods to leverage the revenue earning through their app business.

While the app market already has enough successful apps to offer, examining them and their monetization strategies can simply help you in procuring meaningful answers. After all, it makes sense to get inspired by your already successful peers. The idea is to find out how these bunch of successful apps has managed to come up with ideal mobile app monetization strategies for their apps, which have collectively accomplished to form global app monetization trends. Analyzing these top apps will throw light on how these apps have been generating revenue and are making the profit.

This eBook in the form of App Monetization guide will walk you through must-know factors and statistics with regard to App Monetization based on the current Global trends. Here is an overview of what you will get to explore once you download the complete eBook.

  • How Do Apps Make Money around the World?

     - App Monetization and Profitability Statistics

  • Business Model Revenue Share around the Globe

     - Free apps with IAP Continue to Grow

  • Revenue per Download- Determining Your Profitability

     - A comparison of Average Revenue Download by Country

     - Revenue Generation by Device

     - Identical App Performance around the World

     - Paid Apps without IAP vs. Free Apps with IAP and Paid Apps with IAP

     - Which Apps Monetize Best?

     - Revenue per Download- Determining Your Profitability

  • Openxcell Builds Profitability

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