Global Software Development - Critical Success Factors

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Developing software is costly, and it’s become almost prohibitively so to create software in-house. Increasingly, companies are looking outside their own staff to develop software for business use as well as for release to the public. Further complicating the situation is the fact that the decades-long shift toward outsourced services has ensured that many businesses no longer has an in-house IT department.

However, there are numerous pitfalls in the world of global software development that are either mitigated or nonexistent when developing software in-house. At Openxcell, we have immense experience in developing software and apps for clients around the world. We’ve built significant expertise in managing global software development projects and ensuring that our clients receive the best ROI, as well as the highest quality software.

The key to our success is understanding the critical factors in the GSD process. These range from communication to flexibility to communication and more. We created this guide to help you understand the most important factors in achieving success in your project, whether you’re building a new e-commerce platform, new accounting software, the next big app or something else entirely.