How to Market Your App through Social Media

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Social media marketing has been hailed by an incredible number of business owners, CEOs and marketers as the best way to reach your core audience, boost user/customer engagement and build awareness. It works for promoting almost anything, but in many ways, it’s the ideal solution for marketing your mobile app. Not convinced? Consider a few key statistics:

  • 92% of marketers in 2014 indicated that social media was very important to their business.
  • Facebook is one of the two most important social networks for any social media marketing efforts (54% of marketers choose this platform).
  • 97% of marketers use social media in their efforts to some extent.
  • Facebook has 1.28 billion active monthly users (active, not total – that number is far, far higher).
  • G+ has grown to 540 million active monthly users with 1.6 billion total users.
  • Twitter gives you access to 255 million active monthly users, with more than 1 billion total users.
  • Instagram enjoys 200 million active monthly users.
  • 80% of social media marketers noted an increase in traffic due to their efforts.

Those should be pretty eye-opening for anyone who has dismissed social media marketing as a fad or trend. It’s far more than that – it’s the wave of the future, visible today. Not only that, but it has become an indispensable asset to anyone hoping to garner more traction, draw in new users and build awareness. Of course, using social media to market anything (including your app) can be tricky, and you must go about it the right way, or you risk alienating the very audience you hope to attract.

Throughout this book, we’ll break down strategies, provide tips and tricks, and help you come to grips with how to best leverage these tools to your advantage.