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It always seems easy to develop an app, only to expect success knocking at your doorstep just after setting it free in the app store. It isn’t something that is farfetched but proclaiming the same demands putting in substantial efforts. And, these efforts also include working upon one of the critical aspects called App Localization that is capable of giving a substantial boost to the application.

It is, however, understandable that mobile App Localization simply means to Localize the app in different languages, only to leverage the strength of targeting particular languages of the concerning targeted audience. Though, it becomes crucial to understand and analyze these particular features of the application that hold greater importance while carrying out both iOS localization and Android Localization.

This eBook with regard to App Localization takes you through the most critical features of Apps, and how these features can become a powerful substance to cash in a large number of users if localized precisely.

Here is an overview of all the information these valuable eBook shares with regard to App Localization.

  • What is App Localization
  • Why should you Localize your App
  • Critical Studies that throws light on the Importance of App Localization
  • How to Localize your App
  • Potential languages to be considered for App Localization


You will also learn the Importance of Localizing your App Store Presence and the concerning App elements. Some of those elements are listed below.

  • Keywords
  • Landing Page

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