Measuring App User Engagement

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Developing an App demands to invest immense of energy and efforts, both financially and mentally. However, the process of developing an efficient app is utmost important for any developer, and so equally important for them is to reap positive results. Having launched an application in the market, developers and app marketers are constantly on a lookout for discovering app analytics that can help them to reveal the outcome of their efforts. However, it doesn’t come that easy.

Developers are constantly under the risk of sighting a good number of installs followed by the least numbers of times the app is being used. So, why does that happen? Why is it so difficult to increase the app retention rate? Why do even the best of apps fail to make it big? Is it the app quality, the app monetization model or something else within the app that is hindering the app from witnessing the expected success?

There seem to be many possibilities, but the answer to them is one, i.e. the App Engagement Rate. Users manage to find the app interesting enough before the download, however the app fails to meet their expectations after they interact with it a couple of times. It results in lesser interest followed by minimal engagement with the app and may be uninstallation at a later stage. So, how will you find out what is lagging in your app according to the users? Which features in your app makes them less interested and forces them to opt for another app?

You can find out answers to these critical questions by disclosing the best metrics that are needed to measure and optimize your app. Even more important is to identify, aggregate and use this metrics to the greatest of advantage. Within this eBook, we have highlighted the most important metrics that go into measuring user engagement and ultimately a successful app.

The eBook will serve you with these below mentioned metrics, what they can offer you, their important statistics and their aftermath:

  • The Users metric
  • The Session Duration metric
  • The Session Frequency metric
  • Time Spent in App metric
  • Number of Acquisitions metric
  • Screen Flow metric
  • User Retention metric
  • User Lifetime Value metric

This eBook is meant to benefit you immensely while your goal is to discover critical analytics for mobile apps and thereby witness a successful app. You will learn to innovate, test and optimize your app, as you will thoroughly know how to use these above metrics to your maximum advantage. You will also learn the few simple steps for how to start off with the analysis of these metrics.

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