Mobile Game Launch Strategies

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Inspite of the incredibly jammed up mobile game market, more and more developers are contemplating to come up with groundbreaking games for the mass. While it is certain that after knowing how to make mobile game app, you soon rush to develop a fastidious mobile game marketing strategy to assure its success. However, what equally matters is, how successfully you, as a developer, are able to take your game to the market.

Launching your game is no less than a challenge, as you get just one chance to make an entrance and it has to be up to the mark. You want your target audience to encounter the game just as they expected it to be. Considering these facts, Soft launch is one of the ingenious methods to launch the game just to a specific group of mass. It enables you to cash in maximum information with regard to marketing and monetizing the game prior to the full release.

This eBook will give you a thorough insight into how you can best use the Soft Launch method for your own game.

Within the eBook you will Learn..

  • What’s a Soft Launch?
    • Useful Stats for Mobile Game Development Companies
    • Soft Launch explained
  • Key Elements for Understanding- Data Gathering Guidance for Soft Launches
    • Determine whether the information gathered will make a major difference or not?
    • What’s the needed outcome to provide necessary information?
    • Are your results insufficient for testing purposes?
    • 4 Key Areas to Test
    • The Flow towards Monetization
  • Your Test Market- Moving towards Soft Launch
  • Launch Time
  • Metrics for Testing Success
  • Considerations with the App Store
  • Applying What you’ve learned
  • How Openxcell can help
  • Mobile Game Development Companies ?

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