Mobile Games Rule

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There was a time when games were just a part of the overall mobile ecosystem. Whereas, today they are leveraged to the stance of being a standalone mobile gaming industry. The mobile game sector has been a novel outgrowth of the entertainment software industry. Blame it on the popularity of smartphones that have been playing a crucial role in coming up with innovative technologies and creative products. Mobile games have managed to receive considerable attention and it is all due to the substantial consumer demand prevailing in the market.

Games have infact managed to trump all other areas in the mobile segment. According to a survey, mobile games will account for 34% of global gaming revenues by 2017. While this stats just gives us a glance of the average mobile game revenue, this eBook will walk you through different spectrums of the mobile gaming industry, and many more interesting stats with regard to mobile game revenue and mobile gaming industry.

Here is an overview of what the complete eBook will provide you with:  

  • The evolution of the mobile ecosystem
  • Statistics That Prove the Reign of Games Is Here
  • Revenue - Not from Downloads
  • Top overall Apps
  • Gaming Revenue Breakdown by Nation
  • Flavors of Royalty- Gaming App Genres
    • Most Revenue Generated
  • A Look at Gaming Apps in the Future
  • Asia Rising
  • Android Will Bounce Back
  • More Niche Genres
  • Overall Better Games
  • Openxcell Offers a Helping Hand

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