Oculus Rift Future of Gaming

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Virtual reality isn’t really a new thing. Technologies like VR headsets and games in arcades have been around for a long time. However, they had failed to meet people’s expectations as they could not deliver immersive experience altogether. Nonetheless, they are a thing of the past now.


The good news is that Oculus Rift has embarked on changing the scope of Virtual Reality. And fortunately, every new Oculus Rift developer is now willing to come up with creative aspects concerning the processes of Oculus Rift game development. While there are many more VR Systems in development, Oculus Rift has managed to gain traction in the present market and is being anticipated to steer the future of gaming technology.


Not sure what is Oculus Rift? Do you wish to learn why Oculus has become such an important name in the gaming industry? Do you want any sort of clarification on the changing face of gaming as well as where an industry is heading in the future? This eBook will walk you through it all.


Here is an overview of this eBook:


  • The Changing Face of Gaming
  • What is Oculus Rift- A Look at Oculus Technology
  • What’s It all About?
    • Beyond Just An Accessory
    • What’s Necessary to Make It Work?
    • Notable Cancellations
  • The Purchase by Facebook
  • What Oculus Means for the Gaming Industry
  • Competition and Variations
  • Sony’s Project Morpheus
  • Seabright
  • Oculus Goes Mobile and much more.
  • What the Rise of VR Means for the Gaming Industry


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