Real-Time Technology: Moving Beyond Static Apps

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Once, app users were content with a user-actioned experience. That’s no longer the case. Where users were at one time happy to wait for updates or use an app as a single user, things have changed drastically today. Real-time technology is needed to deliver information to apps and users as it happens. It cuts out waiting, creates a more immersive experience, and lets users experience the app (and all that it touches upon) at the speed of life.

Today’s device users are savvier than ever before, and they expect to receive data as it happens. Chat messages should be delivered instantly. Sports scores should be updated within milliseconds of a goal being scored. Stock prices should be updated the instant the market changes. None of this was possible with static app technology, but real-time technology not only enables it, and it also makes it simpler for app developers to create a memorable, positive experience overall.

If you’re not sure of what real-time technology offers, or why you need it on your side during the development process, this guide is for you.