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What was the last website you accessed? Did you view that site on your desktop PC or did you load it on your smartphone or tablet? If you’re like most US consumers, chances are good you skipped the bulky desktop and pulled up that page on your tablet or phone. In fact, mobile apps officially trumped desktop browsers for Internet access with US consumers during the first portion of 2014.

The Changing Landscape of Internet Access

Once upon a time, the only way to get on the Internet was through a PC. Then came the smartphone and other mobile technology, and all that changed. Today, PCs play second fiddle to smartphones in most ways, including Internet access. Mobile use has been on the rise for a number of years, and the first months of 2014 saw mobile access account for 54% of Internet use in the United States, leaving PC access with only a 46% share.

Consumers are driving the change here – they’re more and more willing to get online through their smartphones and tablets, but there are a number of factors driving this tectonic shift in behavior.