The Lean Start Up: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

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Planning to start a new business? Thinking about creating a new initiative within your established organization? That’s laudable, but plan for failure. Up three-quarters of new companies fail almost immediately out of the gate, and the vast majority of new products to hit the market are also immediate failures.

Does that mean you need to shelve your entrepreneurial dreams and reconcile yourself to a future as a drone, working in a cubicle for someone else, doing the same thing day in and day out? Not necessarily. It just means that you need to learn a new way of looking at the startup process – on that focuses on fast failure, innovation and, most of all, actually speaking to your potential customers about the product you’re developing.

The lean startup methodology has a lot to offer entrepreneurs, small business owners and even those helming new projects within larger firms. While it has made considerable inroads with technology companies, it actually has a great deal to offer pretty much any would-be business owner, regardless of industry or niche.

In this book, we’ll explore what the lean startup methodology is, and why it matters to your business.