Understanding Mobile App Advertising and Monetizing Options

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Marketing your App isn’t really the next task after developing an app, rather it is a task that is to be carried out simultaneously just while you are developing your app. Mobile App Advertising is a critical process that requires coming up with groundbreaking app advertising strategies in order to create buzz around your app and reach out to your target audience in the best possible way.  

App Monetization, on the other hand, serves as a critical source to earn money within the app and witness your app being able to attain financial success. However, it is important to have a monetization strategy as a part of the plan since the very beginning. While you might be thinking of exactly knowing how to monetize mobile apps, there are even more elements to learn that suffices the strategy of monetizing mobile apps. Hence, obtaining a clear understanding of the mobile app monetization landscape becomes the must.

It is essential to first understand different landscapes of Mobile App Advertising and Mobile App Monetization before contemplating to work upon their respective strategies. This eBook is meant to walk you through all the different elements concerning to App Advertising and App Monetization.

Below is an overview of the knowledge base that you can avail by simply downloading the eBook:

  • The Difference between App Advertising and Monetization- Explore critical differences between the both.
  • App Advertising- Explore what is App Advertising.
  • In-App Advertising- You will discover the types of In-App Advertising Ads and how they perform differently on every operating system. (With Facts and Figures)
  • The Basics of a Good Mobile App Ad- Find important elements that can help you optimize your App Ads.
  • Ad Networks- This explains the role of Ad Networks.
  • App Monetization- Explore what is App Monetization and its different features.
  • A Word to the wise- Interesting Facts and Figures that can help you shape your App Marketing and Monetization strategies smartly.

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