Use TracPrac app to gain better visibility of clinical experiences.


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Clinical research is a crucial part of the healthcare education as it generates strong clinical guidelines into the clinical care system. The efficacy of advanced treatments and guidelines studied by the research students, and the evaluation of such studies by the faculties, need to be properly recorded and managed for further references. Managing clinical data studies is one of the critical issues faced by both the students and faculties in many clinical research schools. 


Use TracPrac app to gain better visibility of clinical experiences. Students and educators can now easily track clinical attendance, evaluation and evidence of clinical practice with the TracPrac app. Manage all your clinical evaluation data efficiently using TracPrac: Clinical Application. The app lets a student to just register and easily start a session by selecting an instructor, location, indicate skills performed at the assigned patient care location/lab environment, save all activities and submit for evaluation by the chosen instructor. The selected instructor can sign-in and view the activities and validate them. Every activity is recorded in the app.


“Soiled infrastructure can lead to major inefficiencies of both time and resources”. To get rid of such systems, Vestigo Health Solutions launched a mobile technology – TracPrac, to serve the Healthcare Education market. The system is aimed to transform the clinical performance paperwork into meaningful digital data. TracPrac is designed to save time while providing valuable insight into the clinical experience.


Vestigo Health Solutions is a consulting and software company serving the healthcare education market. With an experience of over 38 years, the company stands today as a specialist in the area of healthcare education and clinical service consultancy. The team at Vestigo work with a passion to combine healthcare and technology to deliver easy management of clinical performance metrics and its learning outcomes.


Assigning and managing users and enabling permissions within the database

In a set up where multiple users like Instructor, Students, Sub-Admin School, Admin School, and Super-Admin are indicated along with the chance to add more users, enabling them to access data was slightly challenging as it creates confusion between the hierarchies.

Server usage and data utilization

Although the solution worked well during the initial phase when it was restricted to only a few schools, server usage became heavy and streamlining the database performance was a huge challenge as access to information got more diversified. An incremental increase in users resulted in rapid increase in server resource utilization. Managing large data of students and faculties, managing discounts, logins etc. were very difficult.

Paper-based to digital transformation

Information is a vital resource. The existing database had to be refined and processed in order to be utilized and managed digitally by a wider audience. Considering the volume, transforming from a paper-based to a digital system was a huge process. Right from efficiency, security, access till complying with privacy legislation, every aspect had to be covered while designing the digital pathway. 


To manage multiple users and to grant them access to the database, hierarchies were defined and roles were assigned. Assigning permissions were easier once roles were assigned. Also, permission to access the database was restricted to only students and instructors.

We quickly identified and mitigated the performance issues by ensuring that the right methodologies were in place. We followed a proper architecture and used the proper data structure throughout the whole development stage. The issue was easily masked with more better, faster and efficient Amazon server.

We executed the entire process by thoroughly understanding all aspects that needed to be considered while moving digital. We set targets to make changes and replaced all key functions and process with digital equivalents. We improved every process in the digital transformation to a brand new level. A solution for each challenge was well defined and was addressed carefully. This not only helped the company to enhance the user experience but also helped them to become sustainable by going green. 

Results Obtained

  • Identified outlier behaviors and sorted database performance issues
  • Managed student and faculty Login session in one application
  • Created sessions based on the nearby hospitals
  • Designed scalable and normalized Database schema to have a better performance
  • Query optimized to handle bulk data
  • Ultimately, enhanced end-user experience that helped the Company save time and money

OpenXcell team facilitated Vestigo Health Solutions with an efficient platform that supports Healthcare education programs for both students and educators. Managing, tracking clinical attendance, evidence, and evaluating clinical practice in a digital format is much easier for the users now.