Ubits is a new age way to collect and redeem loyality points obtained from various brands.


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Ubits is a new age way to collect and redeem loyality points obtained from various brands.Redemption of Electronic coupon is one of the best utilities provided by a smartphone and U Bits exemplifies it. The application can store each and every coupon collected by a user and redeem them at their convenience with through QR codes. The coupons are stored within the app in a coupon wallet. The application UI is clean and shows all the coupons in the wallet in a grid like manner for quick access. The application is also unique as it features a bottom menu consisting of 6 elements. Unlike general iPhone applications, the menu items here can be scrolled.We faced a number of challenges while creating the application. Let us go through a few of them.


6 elements in the bottom bar:

Yes, we created 6 elements in the bottom bar despite the fact that iOS allows only 5 elements as per standards. The screen view had to contain 3 icons at a time and the other 3 had to be scrolled to tap.

Easy Navigation between screens:

An easy navigation to the main screen was needed where all points collected by the user appears. The client wanted to navigate with the help of the bottom bar over the entire app interface.

Auto scrolling of ads:

Our client wanted auto scroll to the next ad without any user input and asked for dynamic ads. This was required to build engagement.

Fluidity with hundreds of coupons:

While the app displayed many coupons from various sources, the app needed fluidity as a user navigated through the coupon grid.

Offline and Online:

The Client believed that stored coupons within the app should also work in offline mode.


To create 6 icons at the bottom menu, we went for custom coding. Apart from that, we set the icons larger than the normal size and enabled scrolling icons. Hence, each and every screen was easily accessible.

To facilitate scrolling across the screen our developers created a single view for the application. The view could be called from the bottom tab bar and allowed the users to access all screens from a single view.

Auto scrolling ads are a cluster of data and to accommodate that in a grid like fashion, our developers incorporated pagination of the ads. We also used collection view and auto scrolling techniques to attain dynamic ad view and auto scrolling.

We decided the number of coupons that must be loaded by default each time the app is initialized. We created a web service that could perform paging and load desired number of offers. We also opted for lazy loading technique that allowed the app to load a set number of coupons while loading the remaining ones upon user request.

We opted for local storage of user credentials and also local storage of coupon data. Hence, even when the app is offline, user can redeem their coupons.

Results Obtained

We made an application that added huge value to the generic smartphone users. Unlike conventional apps, Ubits had 6 elements at the bottom for fast navigation which made the app a breeze to operate and contributed hugely to the fluidity. The coupons scrolled without any lags and scored satisfactory in terms of fluidity. Users can transact coupons in offline mode as the app can store the coupon details locally on the device.