The Visual Coach

The Visual Coach application is a one stop destination to learn about martial arts bit by bit.


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The Visual Coach application is a one stop destination to learn about martial arts bit by bit. The application features different types of martial art techniques enabling the user of the application to view it with minute details by simply scrolling the video piece by piece. The application enables the application users to view the video in a slow motion so that they don’t miss any stance while performing that activity. The player integrated has play/pause/increase play speed/decrease play speed. One of the interesting features the application has is of comparing 2 videos simultaneously. The application enables user to add to simultaneous videos having their own dedicated player functions which eases the user to easily compare his martial art techniques with pro’s techniques.


The Visual Coach provides an end-to-end martial art tutoring service that helps you getting your martial art skills refined done in the most convenient method. The app is capable of offering critical features with regard to aspects like comparing 2 videos, smoothly viewing the video by dragging the time slider and increase/decrease play speed. Taking the UI into consideration, the app displays an extremely systematic User Interface that minimizes the complexities of the features, hence delivering efficient UX. The Application is a learning, comparing, productivity app designed for iPhone.


The Visual Coach, an efficient productivity and learning app providing martial art techniques, is designed by Openxcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. This competitive martial arts educative tool allows users to post videos, view uploaded videos and compare 2 different videos. This application also features prominent collaboration features and many more competitive features where users are not only able to view videos from experts but also able to compare their uploaded video with experts uploaded video.


Compare Feature

Client wants us to create a feature where-in user can view two separate videos simultaneously having video player functions

Seek Point

The videos thus played were supposed to be played in such a way that a user can simply drag the videos time slider and showing the second by second moment of the video as the user drags the time slider.


We integrated two different video players in order to enable playing of two different videos having their own video player functions. In video player functions we added following options for the user to easily access smoothly both the videos: • Play/Pause • Increase/Decrease Playing Speed • Smooth effect upon dragging the time slider.

To smoothen the seek point process we made storing of videos locally, as result the application was able to smoothly show the videos second by second movement as and when the time slider is moved without lagging.

Results Obtained

The end result of the application came to be really promising due to his seamless viewing of video being fetched from you tube and being played on native player. Compare feature of the application really came out to be appealing as it didn’t disturb the UI and was easy to access and compare 2 videos in the same UI enabling user to select video player functions of both videos separately.