Wheely Bird

Games such as Wheely Bird give you enough reasons to understand the success of numerous 2D games in the app store.


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Games such as Wheely Bird give you enough reasons to understand the success of numerous 2D games in the app store. There is always a fanboyism towards 3D games being more immersive than simple 2D games but games such as Wheely proves that 2D can be equally fun and engaging. Comprised of three beautiful environments Wheely Bird gets all marks for its catchy UI. We have also worked on a number of animations for the bird and various other elements in the game, which we felt, were demanded by the plot. Overall, with three stunning environments and an animated bird on a unicycle, wheely Bird stands out as an engaging obstacle game that makes its players coming back for more. 


One of the most notable things about the game is its clutter free design. Serious work with shaders has been done in all the levels. Multiple layers of colours are used across all three environments for a desired aesthetic quality. Players would also come across a lot of contrast across elements, and between the environment the bird itself. All colour tones and shading blend perfectly as a total package for great user experience. 


Challenges & Solution

To show realistic Slide and Spring effect:

The gameplay required the bird to jump over obstacles. And while making that possible, our developers also had to keep the bird on a vertical line same as that of the cycle while players hopped over.


We employed the slider 2D functionality in Unity 4.5. This allowed the bird to slide along a line (with the unicycle) in the space and occasionally break free upon colliding with an obstacle. We also applied maximum value for the motor torque to move the bird.

Also, Spring joint 2D controller and Line Renderer in Unity 4.5 were used to hold the bird and wheel together. Not only it holds both the assets on place, the rigid body physics applies the springy effects on both the assets. That’s how the bird seems to bounce with the unicycle.

Occasional lags while creating endless gameplay:

The wheely bird gameplay is endless and the farther you go, the more points you gather. However, all the elements on the screen (feathers, bricks, obstacles etc.) had to be repeated many times. This was slowing down the gameplay. 


We made the platform and the bricks regenerate at specified time intervals. Hence, a perfect time gap was created in such a manner that neither they consumed too much memory nor made the gameplay looked slower. On the other hand, the obstacles and feathers generated automatically with differing sizes with respect to the collider. Along with this, we employed dynamic offset and tilting to repeat the backgrounds too.

Wheely Bird to Super Wheely Bird:

Upon purchasing the Super Wheely Bird, the animation had to change from the typical ‘springy’ to a flying bird. 


Our developer used the Mecanim animation system in Unity 4.5. It applied the desired animation on the bird that we created using the animator component. Hence, the Super Wheely flew without glitches. 

Sprites instead of Planes:

The bird had to be rendered continuously in the gameplay. But to do that, we did not wanted to use planes. 


We employed sprites as they require a single draw call against numerous draw calls needed in planes. The sprites are rendered in real time, consumes less memory and avoids lags too. 

Results Obtained

Wheely Bird is live on the app stores. The game is attracting good reviews and engaging gameplay. Many users have hailed its awesome UI and butter smooth UX. The animations programmed by our developers run smooth and gives fulfilling gameplay sessions. Initial lags discovered due to unlimited runtime were solved. Overall, Wheely Bird stands out as a perfect blend of industry standard game art and effective game programming by OpenXcell Studio.